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BCR Medicago truncatula

INRA BRC-MTR : Biological Resource Centre

for the model species Medicago truncatula L.

Depending on their origin, Medicago truncatula resources can be split into two categories :

Natural Diversity

INRA Montpellier possess the world second largest collection of natural diversity of Medicago truncatula.
It is the only collection currently organised and managed so that it responds to the needs of scientists in the area of genomics, by offering:
* Populations
* Inbred lines
* Recombinant Inbred Lines
* F1 hybrids and progenies
The material is already being widely distributed to the international scientific community with more than 1,500 samples sent every year over the past six years.
This material is managed at INRA Montpellier

Contacts :
Jean Marie Prosperi
UMR AGAP - INRA Montpellier
2 place Viala. 34060 Montpellier Cedex 1 - FRANCE

Induced Mutations

Large mutagenesis programs have been developed on Medicago truncatula. This materiel has been obtained by using three techniques:
* Gamma irradiation,
* T-DNA mutagenesis
* Tobacco Tnt1 mutagenesis
More recently, INRA Dijon have developed a program of mutants production by using the tilling procedure.
Up to now such resources have not been widely distributed.
The material is managed at INRA-Dijon

Richard Thompson or Christine Lesignor
URLEG - Domaine d'Epoisse -
F-21110 Breteniere- FRANCE
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