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The scientific program has been decomposed into seven tasks which are closely associated to the different objectives defined in section 2.2. All these tasks (except for one) involve participants from two or three partners, which should promote collaborative work at this level too.

Les 7 tâches

T1 : Improving likelihood methods based on Importance Sampling of gene genealogies

  • Coordinateur : François Rousset, partenaire 4
  • Objectifs :The first task is meant to achieve the first population genetics objective given in section 2.2. and will consist in extending the capacities of likelihood methods based on Importance Sampling of gene genealogies. These methods which have been developed for a very restricted range of scenarios (one close constant size population, or the classic structured population model) will be modified in order to cope with a larger range of biological scenarios including the so-called isolation with migration model. In this task, we will also implement a two dimensional spatial model as well scenarios with multi-sampled (sequentially in time) populations. Eventually, recombination between two loci will be will be included.

T2 : Extending application domains of ABC

T3 : Detecting selection in genomewide scans

T4 : Improving methods for assigning georeferenced individuals to populations

T5 : Exploring theoretical aspects of ABC

  • Coordinateur : Samuel Soubeyrand, partenaire 3
  • Objectifs : The fifth task is meant to fulfil our first objective in statistics, i.e. to explore theoretical aspects of Approximate Bayesian Computation. This task includes five sub-tasks devoted respectively to
  i) base the choice of the distance threshold (so far arbitrarily performed) on a statistical criterion, 
  ii) optimize the choice of summary statistics, 
  iii) explore ways to perform model validation, 
  iv) find ways to make ABC-based predictions and 
  v) to improve parameter space exploration through iterative algorithms.

T6 : Développement et amélioration de programmes informatiques destinés à la communauté des biologistes

  1. Amélioration de programmes existants : Implémentation des méthodes développées dans les 5 premières tâches, optimisations, portage multi-plateformes
  2. Création de 2 programmes
  3. Cohérence des formats entre les programmes

T7 : Applying new methods to solve biological problems

  1. Application à des jeux de données biologiques
  2. Puissance et précision des inférences