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2018 - Global nutrition report 2018. Shining a light to spur action on nutrition

Rapports/études/travaux (documents)

langue Anglaise

Development Initiatives

The burden of malnutrition across the world remains unacceptably high, and progress unacceptably slow. Malnutrition is responsible for more ill health than any other cause. Children under five years of age face multiple burdens: 150.8 million are stunted, 50.5 million are wasted and 38.3 million are overweight. Meanwhile 20 million babies are born of low birth weight each year. Overweight and obesity among adults are at record levels with 38.9% of adults overweight or obese, stretching from Africa to North America, and increasing among adolescents. Women have a higher burden than men when it comes to certain forms of malnutrition: one third of all women of reproductive age have anaemia and women have a higher prevalence of obesity than men.

Les différentes sections de ce rapport sont : Introduction ;  The burden of malnutrition ; Three issues in critical need of attention ; What people eat and why it matters ; The fight against malnutrition – commitments and financing ;Conclusion: Critical steps to get nutrition on track.

Rapport complet en PDF, 161 pages, décembre 2018 ;Development Initiatives, December 2018

14 décembre 2018


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