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2017 - Report on the synergies between EU Cohesion Policy and rural development policies

Rapports/études/travaux (documents)

langue Anglaise

Introduction de l'étude (extraits) : "This report will analyse the interaction between regional Cohesion Policy (CP) and rural development and agricultural policies (RP) of the EU. The analysis will explore if and eventually to what extent (i) a synergy arises between the two different (set of) policies in terms of both (ii) the effects and (iii) the determinants of the allocation of funds and subsequent actual expenditure in the 2007-2013 programming period. Indeed, the intermingled issues recalled above and their spatial distribution are crucial in the process of shaping the citizens’ perception of the EU. This is confirmed, for example, by the sharp divide between cities and the countryside in the preferences about Brexit as expressed in the June 2016 referendum. In which, the countryside expressed a strong preference about Brexit with 55% voting for Brexit, while cities such as Bristol, Glasgow, Cardiff, Liverpool and London expressed a strong preference for remaining in the EU"

Etude publiée dans le cadre du projet européen PERCEIVE- Perception and Evaluation of Regional and CohesionPolicies by Europeans and Identification with the Values of Europe (GA No. 693529 Deliverable 4.2) - 2017 ; 51 p.

25 juillet 2017


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