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SUFISA Sustainable finance for sustainable agriculture and fisheries : French Draft National report

Rapports/études/travaux (documents)

langue Francaise


Rapport préliminaire réalisé par Pierre-Marie Aubert, Olia Tayeb Ben et Cherif, Sébastien Treyer (IDDRI, Sciences Po) et publié dans le cadre du projet de recherche Européen SUFISA (Sustainable finance for sustainable agriculture and fisheries), Les autres rapports de plusieurs pays européen sont adisponible à cette adresse (rubrique "Projects Reports") : Allemagne, Belgique, Grece, Italie, Lituanie, Pologne, Portugal, Royaume-Uni et Serbie. 2016 ; 90 p.

Résumé de l'éditeur : "The purpose of this French report is to investigate the nature of policy requirements, market imper-fections and their implications for the resilience of large scale cereal farmers in the region of Île de France (IdF) and dairy farming in the district of Finistère, respectively. It is based on the conceptual framework developed in WP 1, and aims to go beyond the relatively fragmented insights consolidat-ed in WP 1 to produce a more comprehensive and holistic view of the conditions faced by large scale cereal farmers and dairy producers and the strategies they employ to ensure their sustainability, resilience and continuation. The two case studies have their own sections with the French National Report, but many similarities can be drawn from the two case studies analysed. This is significant anda key benefit of conducting simultaneous investigations into these two different primary production sectors. In this report the main objective is to identify key market and regulatory conditions as theyrelate to and impact upon the commodities and regions selected for analysis. A comparison between the two sectors is not provided in detail in this report, but in the final report similarities will be high-lighted where appropriate, as well as the distinctive nature of the responses."

10 janvier 2017


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