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2013-Identifying Benefit Flows Studies on the Potential Monetary and Nonmonetary Benefits Arising from the International Treaty on Plant Genetic Resources for Food and Agriculture

Rapports/études/travaux (documents)

langue Anglaise

Document publié par la FAO sur les ressources phytogénétique dirigé par Nina Isabella Moeller and Clive Stannard (2013 ; 315 pages).

Résumé de l'éditeur : The publication, edited by N. Moeller and C. Stannard, compiles the five studies and provide an overview of the conceptual bases for assigning monetary and non-monetary values to plant genetic resources for food and agriculture. It also constitutes the first steps towards a projection of benefit flows over time. Chapter 1 provides an overview of both the conceptual bases for assigning economic values (monetary and non-monetary) to plant genetic resources for food and agriculture, and the existing methodologies for establishing such values. Chapter 2 comprises an economic analysis of the values of global seed production and their distribution across crops, regions and countries, in order to provide estimates for potential monetary flows, as well as the overall value levels used in the mathematical model of Chapter three. Chapter 3 constitutes the core of this book and presents a model of potential flows of income into the Benefit-Sharing Fund. Chapter 4 develops and tests informatics methodologies that make possible large-scale computational analyses of patent and other databases. Its aim is to assess the commercial use of material brought under the terms and conditions of the SMTA, and to value and quantify non-monetary benefits

14 octobre 2013


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