from left to right, pink flamingos in Camargue, Le Corum Conference Venue, Théatre Comédie and the tram, Pic Saint Loup vineyards, Saint Guilhem le Désert (Photo credits : Le Corum, J. Guyonnet, G. Llambrich)
  Keynote speakers
•  M. Bonkowski (USA/Germany)
•  C. Boivin-Masson (France)
•  J. Caballero-Mellado (Mexico)
•  I. Cakmak (Turkey)
•  G. Defago (Switzerland)
•  V. Dunbabin (Australia)
•  R. Ehlers (Germany)
•  B. Hungate (USA)
•  J. Jansson (Sweden)
•  L. Kochian (USA)
•  G. Kowalchuk (The Netherlands)
•  H. Lambers (Australia)
•  R. Marmeisse (France)
•  K. Smalla (Germany)
•  V. Venturi (Italy)
•  K. Warriner (Canada)
•  M. Wissuwa (Japan)
•  I. Young (UK)
•  Y.G. Zhu (China)
from left to right, root nodule of Crotalaria, ectomycorrhizas of pine trees, bacteria attracted by exudates at the apex of a rice root, iron oxide precipitation in the rhizosphere of a eucalypt root, calcified roots in the garrigues bush (Photo credits : LSTM, UMR R&S, J. Guimberteau).
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