from left to right, pink flamingos in Camargue, Le Corum Conference Venue, Théatre Comédie and the tram, Pic Saint Loup vineyards, Saint Guilhem le Désert (Photo credits : Le Corum, J. Guyonnet, G. Llambrich)
  Scientific advisory board

D.L. Jones (UK) : chair

J.M. Barea (Spain)
F. de Bruijn (France)
Y. Dessaux (France)
C. Leyval (France)
J. Luster (Switzerland)
B. Nowack (Switzerland)
Y. Okon (Israel)
A. Richardson (Australia)
C. Robin (France)
N. Senesi (Italy)
A. Sessitsch (Austria)
K. Smalla (Germany)
J. Sørensen (Denmark)
E. Stockdale (UK)
J. Vanderleyden (Belgium)
Y. Zhu (Peoples Rep. China)

from left to right, root nodule of Crotalaria, ectomycorrhizas of pine trees, bacteria attracted by exudates at the apex of a rice root, iron oxide precipitation in the rhizosphere of a eucalypt root, calcified roots in the garrigues bush (Photo credits : LSTM, UMR R&S, J. Guimberteau).
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