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Devau NicolasPosterModelling and upscalingModelling of an environmental indicator of phosphorus availability according to pH variations: application to a cambisol
Le Cadre EdithPosterFate and management of nutrientsSoil pH modifications in the rhizosphere : a real impact on P availability in soil ?
Chevallier TiphainePosterFate and management of nutrientsSynthetic micro rhizo environments for assessing the influence of soil microsite heterogeneity on plant nutrition.
Besnard OlivierPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionTrichoderma atroviride application in grapevine nursery
Germida JimPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionPhytoremediation of weathered flare-pit soil: the impact of mixed and single plant treatments on hydrocarbon degradation potential
Oggerin de Orube MonikePosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionPGPR, phytohormones and their influence on gene expression profiles of Solanum lycopersicum
Rizou ZacharoulaPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionEffect of nitrogen form on rhizosphere chemistry and Cu, Zn and Pb uptake by Brassica species
Zúñiga DorisPosterBiological control and plant health managementDiversity and antifungal activities of Bacillus strains isolated from potato rhizosphere in the Andean highlands of Peru
Vinuesa PabloPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesGenome-wide selection of primer pairs amplifying highly informative gene regions for multilocus sequence analyses of prokaryotes
Henkes GunnarPosterBiological control and plant health managementPseudomonas fluorescens systemically represses the negative effect of Fusarium graminearum infection on 11C-allocation in barley roots
gholybaigian majidPosterBiological control and plant health managementRole of edaphic factors on the incidence of dry root-rot of sesame caused by Rhizoctonia bataticola (Taub.) Butl.
Chanway ChrisPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionMicroscopic confirmation of endophytic colonization of pine tissues by diazotrophic Paenibacillus polymyxa strain P2b-2R
Minz DrorPosterBiological control and plant health managementEffect of disease-suppressive compost enriched with Streptomyces sp. isolated from it on rhizosphere microbial community and plant development
Gillespie AdamPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesN and C K-edge NEXAFS and Py-FIMS mass spectrometry of rhizosphere and non-rhizosphere soils
Pivato BarbaraPosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaMedicago species affect the community composition of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi associated with roots
turner mariePosterBiological control and plant health managementOn the integrity of the Medicago truncatula root tip in the phytopathogenic interaction with Ralstonia solanacearum
Alahverdi AsefehPosterBiological control and plant health managementBiologic control of wheat bacterial leaf streak with extract and essential oil of some medical plants
Zahran HamdiPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaSymbiotic rhizobia from wild herb legumes grow in salt-affected lands in Egypt.
Zakizadeh RosaPosterFate and management of nutrientsEvaluation of sulfur and Thiobacillus application affecting the yield and quality of Triticum aestivum
Tomasi NicolaPosterFate and management of nutrientsCadmium effects on the induction of nitrate uptake in maize roots
Medina Penafiel AlmudenaPosterMultitrophic interactionsThe BIORHIZ project: biotic interactions in the rhizosphere as structuring forces for plant communities
Kuyper ThomasPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionBreeding for improved responsiveness to arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in onion
Amenzou NoureddinePosterSymbioses and plant growth promotioninfluence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, and rhizobium strains inoculation on the growth, mineral nutrition and water use efficiency of Medicago arborea
Gill Arsh AlamPosterFate and management of nutrientsPhosphorus efficiency of field grown maize (Zea mays. L) cultivars at different stages of growth
Steindler LauraPosterMolecular communication and adaptationQuorum sensing in rice rhizosphere Pseudomonas
Guntzer FlorePosterFate and management of nutrientsBioavailability of Si in cultivated soils from Boigneville (Essone, France)
Pouschat PriscillaPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionManganese transfer in Tristaniopsis spp. from soil to plant in New Caledonian lateritic soils
Malan ChristoPosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchThe Effect of a New Slow Release Compost, Fulvic acid and Micro-organisms on Soil fertility, Yield and Quality of Potatoes grown in Sandy Soil.
Park Seung-HwanPosterMolecular communication and adaptationPhenotype variation of a rhizobacterium Paenibacillus polymyxa implicated in rhizosphere competence and enhancement of cucumber root growth at low-temperature
Suhadolc MarjetkaPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionThe Impact of Sewage Sludge Amendment on Soil Properties and on Microbial Community Structure in an Alluvial Agricultural Soil
Misson LaurentPosterClimate change, C and N cyclingInfluences of seasonal drought and canopy photosynthesis on root dynamics and respiration patterns in a broadleaved evergreen Mediterranean ecosystem
Molina Carlos MauricioPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesComparative SuperTag transcriptomes of chickpea roots and nodules grown in hydroaeroponics. A survey done in more than 140.000 cDNAs via SuperSAGE
Reguieg Yssaad Houcine AbdelhakimPosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchEffect of the bentonite and the chickpea on the content in nitrogen of the Durum wheat wheat cultivated in sandy soil.
Abedin FatemehPosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchEffect of different planting times and isoflavon genisteine concentrations in root zoon on nodulation and nitrogen fixation of three Medicago species
Lamzira ZahraPosterHuman health and nutritionControled fermentation of green table olives from Picholin moroccain variety.
Benata HananePosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaGenetic diversity of Rhizobia that nodulate Prosopis juliflora in the arid eastern area of Morocco
Dalila TouaPosterBiological control and plant health managementModulation of the soil receptiveness to Fusarium oxysporum by pseudomonas fluorescens
Lehto TarjaPosterPhysical structures and interactionsFrost hardiness of ectomycorrhizal fungi in pure culture
Ramezanpour MahmoodrezaPosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchEffect of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria on morphological and physiological characteristics and yield of wheat ( Triticum aestivum L . cv Milan)
Beguiristain ThierryPosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaEffect of urban waste compost amendments on fungal community structure in soil of an arable field
Arndal MariePosterClimate change, C and N cyclingEffects of climate change on root function and below ground carbon input
Riaz KashifPosterBiological control and plant health managementA metagenomic analysis of rhizospheric bacteria extends the diversity of quorum-quenching lactonases
Levy-Booth DavidPosterImpacts of GMOsDecomposition of genetically modified Roundup Ready soybeans and entry of DNA into soil
Batish DaizyPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityRole of Root-mediated Interactions in Phytotoxic Interference of Ageratum conyzoides
Hai BrigittePosterClimate change, C and N cyclingEffect of different soil management on the bacterial N turnover in tropical agro-ecosystems
Adjoud-Sadadou DjamilaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionEffectiveness of mycorrhizal fungi in promoting growth of calcifuge Eucalyptus seedlings in a calcareous soil
Kowalchuk GeorgeInvited talkFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaGlobal change impacts underground: structural and functional impacts on soil-borne microbial communities
Kertesz MichaelOral communicationMultitrophic interactionsGenome-genome interactions in tri- and tetratrophic rhizobacteria-plant-insect systems
Meliani AminaPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaContribution to the ecobiologial study of Pseudomonas fluorescens in the Rhizosphere (area of Mascara Northern Algerian West)
Matoka CharlesPosterFate and management of nutrientsLiquid ammonium fertilized spring barley (Hordium vulgare L.) yield responses to different growth temperatures
Van de Voorde TessPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionUnraveling relationships between Ragwort plant performance and arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, using molecular techniques
Gning Mamadou MansourPosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchInteractions between rhizobias native of Senegal and French bean lines (Phaseolus vulgaris L) contrasting on tolerance of low phosphorus (P) level of soil.
Meisner AnneleinPosterMultitrophic interactionsPlant-microbe interactions in the rhizosphere of invasive exotic plants
Galiana AntoinePosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaSymbiotic and phylogenetic diversity of rhizobia associated with native and introduced Acacias in Algeria
Stolyarchuk InnaPosterBiological control and plant health managementPlant virus infection development under influence of mycorrhiza
Gadkar VijayPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionCharacterization of pre-mycorrhizal infection (pmi) mutant mycorrhizal phenotype through backcross
Kapulnik YoramPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionAttenuations in rhizosphere selectivity: genetic approach to modify plant interactions with parasitic weeds and AM fungi.
Wissuwa MatthiasInvited talkFate and management of nutrientsPlant responses to overcome adverse water - nutrient interactions
Domergue OdilePosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionEffect of P availability on the diversity and functioning of mycorrhiza and mycorrhizosphere bacteria in maritime pine stands of the Landes forest ecosystem
Mahfoud AmaraPosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchEffet de la profondeur du labour sur le développement des racines
Dashti Dr. NarjesPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionEntophytic and Epiphytic Hydrocarbon-Utilizing Bacteria associated with root nodules of legumes
Sabet KamelPosterBiological control and plant health managementEffect of antagonistic bacteria combined with compost on some cotton seedling diseases
Masson-Boivin CatherineInvited talkSymbioses and plant growth promotionFrom rhizosphere to symbiotic plant interactions
Vanderleyden JosPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaLactic acid bacteria in organic agricultural soils
Montero Calasanz Marìa Del CarmenPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionRooting induction of olive plants cuttings by plant growth promoting rhizobacteria
Rakshit AmitavaPosterModelling and upscalingEvaluation of the role of root exudates in Phosphorous uptake of maize in a low P soil using a simulation model
Srivastava SheelaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionMicrobe-microbe interactions and its impact on plant growth promoting rhizospheric bacteria, Azospirillum brasilense SM and Pseudomonas fluorescens Psd
Malhotra MandiraPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaOrganization of the ipdC region critically influences IAA levels in Azospirillum brasilense strains: genetic and functional analysis of ipdC in strain SM
Puste AnandamoyPosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchWetland ecosystem and its rhizospheric environment for generous output and soil-water characterization in Indian subtropics
Szwonek EugeniuszPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityStrawberry growth and roots characteristics at rhizosphere conditions modified by superabsorbent
Abbate CristinaPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaResponse of some enzymatic activities and soil microflora to nitrogen fertilizer
Videmsek UrskaPosterClimate change, C and N cyclingMicrobial CO2 fixation under different CO2 concentrations in grassland soil
Kochian LeonInvited talkRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchMolecular approaches to rhizosphere research: Identification and characterization of aluminum tolerance genes and their use to improve acid soil tolerance
Luster JörgPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesIn-situ applications of a modified micro-suction cup rhizobox technique: spatial gradients and temporal patterns of organic anions and inorganic cations in the rhizospheres of Lupinus albus, Fagus sylvatica and Solanum tuberosum
Boronin AlexanderPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionBeneficial rhizosphere bacteria for bioremediation of oil-contaminated soils
Tibbett MarkPosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaThe structural and functional diversity of native Australian Fabaceae
Bakkali Yakhlef SalaheddinePosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchThymelea lythroides a potential host for Pisolithus spp. associated with Quercus suber in Morocco
Al-Yahya'ei MohamedPosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaMolecular Biodiversity of the Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi Associated with Phoenix dactylifera L. From Southern Arabia
Kecskés MihályPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesMonitoring rhizosphere bacteria in soil
Mehnaz SaminaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionVariable response of Gluconacetobacter azotocaptans DS1 on potato plant growth, at different concentrations of sucrose in tissue culture system
Suzuki SohzohPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionWater extractable low molecular weight organic acids in the finely fractionated rhizosphere soils of sunflower grown in Andosol.
Feng GuPosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaInteraction between Arbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi and Spring Ephemerals in Guerbantonggut Desert, China
Ndoye IbrahimaPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaGenetic characterisation of rhizobiums nodulating Vigna Unguiculata L. Walp at North of Algeria.
Park Soo-YoungPosterMolecular communication and adaptationCitrinin, a Secondary Metabolite Produced by Penicillium citrinum, Plays a Role in Inducing Motility of Paenibacillus polymyxa
Yan YongliangPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionIdentification of a nitrogen fixation island and of rhizosphere competence traits in the genome of the root associated Pseudomonas stutzeri A1501
Zengeni RebeccaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionNitrogen fixation effectiveness of indigenous soyabean rhizobial isolates under field conditions in Zimbabwe
Kucharova ZulfiyaPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaRoot associated salt tolerant Bacillus species from arid soils of Uzbekistan: potential plant growth promoting properties
Egamberdiyeva DilfuzaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionStimulation of cotton growth by rhizobacteria affected by different temperatures
Mello AntoniettaOral communicationFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaDissecting the rhizosphere complexity of Tuber melanosporum trufflegrounds
Leyval CorinneOral communicationRhizoremediation and soil pollutionFate of PAH, metallic trace elements and microbial community structure in the rhizosphere of alfalfa in a contaminated soil before and after remediation treatments and the impact of AM fungi
Babana Amadou HamadounPosterMolecular communication and adaptationTranslocation of soil bacterial phytotoxin thaxtomin A leads to systemic activation of the plant antimicrobial compound
Senesi NicolaPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesSpectroscopic properties of humic acids isolated from the rhizosphere and bulk soil compartments and fractionated by size-exclusion chromatography
Ardakani Mohammad RezaPosterFate and management of nutrientsInvestigation of Azotobacter and Mycorrhiza efficiency at different levels of Phosphorus in corn field
García SilviaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionAromatic aminotransferases activity and indol-3-acetic acid production in Azospirillum brasilense Sp7 strain.
Ehlers Ralf-UdoInvited talkCommercialisation and sustainable developmentMarket potential and regulation of microbial rhizosphere organisms
Moënne-Loccoz YvanPosterBiological control and plant health managementMultilocus analysis of Pseudomonas protegens CHA0 and Pf-5, and phylogenetic comparison with other phloroglucinol-producing Pseudomonas spp.
Mårtensson Linda-MariaPosterClimate change, C and N cyclingMycorrhizal C allocation in Acid and Alkaline Grassland Soils
Strömmer RauniPosterClimate change, C and N cyclingNitrogen and phosphorus limitations of the soil microflora
Miller SimonOral communicationSymbioses and plant growth promotionIdentification and functional analysis of Pseudomonas fluorescens F113 genes involved in phosphate solubilisation and mineralisation.
Fall DioumacorPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionImpact of inoculation by rhizobia on the productivity of a planted gum tree in Senegal and the microbial functioning of subjacent soils
Balík JiriPosterFate and management of nutrientsThe content of mobile phosphorus and phosphatates in rhizosphere soils under different management of fertilizer application
Ouahmane LahcenPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionArbuscular Mycorrhizal Fungi (AMF), a Major Factor Contributing to Growth and Co-existence of Plants Species: Case of Cupressus Spp, Thymus Spp and Lavandula Spp in a degraded area (High Atlas-Morocco)
Zaoui M'hamedPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaSpatial distribution of bacterial communities in an arid land in Algeria
Simao-Beaunoir Anne-MariePosterMolecular communication and adaptationCloning and expression of an extracellular esterase gene from the plant pathogen Streptomyces scabiei
De Lajudie PhilippePosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionValorisation of legume nodulating bacteria diversity for degraded arid and saline Algerian land restoration
N'Zoué AngèlePosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaBradyrhizobium in legume-cereal-tuber associated cultures in Ivory Coast: diversity and role in plant production
Tlustos PavelPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionThe effect of plant species differing in arsenic accumulation capacity on the As depletion in the rhizosphere of contaminated soils
Poly FranckPosterClimate change, C and N cyclingHow do components of climate change and their interactions affect soil nitrite-oxidizers in grasslands?
Lambers HansInvited talkRoot growth and plant functional diversityPhosphorus acquisition of Proteaceae and Cyperaceae: a strategy on severely phosphorus-impoverished soils
Javorská HanaPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionThe Improvement of Polychlorinated Biphenyls Degradation in rhizosphere soils
Morrien EllyPosterMultitrophic interactionsClimate change, plant invasions and belowground interactions
Takeda AkiraPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionFractionation of trace metals and dissolved organic matter in soil solution at rhizosphere by size exclusion chromatography combined with inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry
Panfili FrédéricPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionMechanisms of Cd uptake by durum wheat in presence of citrate
Muratova AnnaPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionEffect of a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon and PGPR inoculant on root exudation of Sorghum bicolor L. Moench
Hartmann AlainPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaEffect of the incubation temperature on the characteristics of culturable bacterial communities and strains isolated from soybean rhizosphere
Han XiaozengPosterFate and management of nutrientsInfluence of various insoluble P sources on rhizosphere pH
Lottmann JanaOral communicationRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchLife in soil: the impact of GM plants on rhizosphere communities
Zhu YongguanInvited talkRhizoremediation and soil pollutionManipulating rhizosphere processes to minimize the risks associated with soil contamination
Ben Ahmed HelaPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversitySalt sensitivity in Setaria verticillata
Jones DaveyPosterClimate change, C and N cyclingDissolved organic nitrogen cycling in the rhizosphere
Davila-Lule AlfonsoPosterMolecular communication and adaptationAcyl homoserine lactones produced by the potential plant growth promoting bacterium Vibrio sp. LR6HC, isolated from mangrove roots, are involved in swarming
Villicaña ClaudiaPosterMolecular communication and adaptationAcyl homoserine lactones inhibit nitrogen fixation by Pseudomonas sp. LR6A, a potential plant growth promoting bacterium isolated from mangrove roots.
Vanegas-Guerrero JavierPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionHormonal interplay between plant growth promoting bacteria and plants grown under saline stress.
Ruiz ManuelPosterBiological control and plant health managementSynthesis of tetracycline in the rhizosphere of the mangrove Avicennia germinans
Chen NengchangPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionChromium(VI) Stabilization Wheat Rhizosphere
Kchakech HananePosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionPlant coexistence in Mediterranean ecosystems mediated by AMF and Pseudomonas fluorescens populations (case of Pinus halepensis and Cupressus atlantica in high atlas mountains-Morocco)
Bois PaulPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionCharacterization and isolation of rhizospheric microorganisms from sediments accumulated in a constructed wetland for their ability to degrade diuron and glyphosate
Schoebitz MauricioPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionIsolation and characterization of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria of ryegrass from volcanic soil
Texier StephaniePosterHuman health and nutritionDoes the rhizosphere of dairy alpine grasslands constitute an environmental reservoir for Escherichia coli?
Hungate BruceInvited talkClimate change, C and N cyclingFrom the globe to the rhizosphere and back
Plassard ClaudePosterFate and management of nutrientsP availability, fine root properties and functional mycorrhizal diversity across Pinus pinaster stands with different productivity in South-western France
Louche JulienPosterMolecular communication and adaptationMolecular regulation of extracellular acid phosphatases secreted by ectomycorrhizal fungi under different phosphorus concentrations
Muhammad ArifPosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaComparaison of soil P status, functional ectomycorrhizal diversity and growth of Pinus pinaster in field and in rhizobox
Lemanceau PhilippePosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionComparison of the genetic structure and diversity of bacteria associated with mycorrhized and non-mycorrhized roots of Medicago truncatula
Merbach WolfgangPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionEffect of the Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbon Phenanthrene on Growth, Development and Root Exudation of Sorghum bicolor (L.) Moench
Vansuyt GérardPosterFate and management of nutrientsPseudomonad siderophore promotes iron nutrition of Arabidopsis thaliana
Dennis PaulPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesNovel approaches for investigating rhizosphere microbial ecology at the microhabitat scale
Schröder PeterPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionXenobiotic metabolism in plants and metabolite transport in the rhizosphere
Staunton SiobhánPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionExpression of catalytic activity of various fungal phosphatases in contact with a mineral surface
Roumet CatherinePosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityInfluence of plant species identity on soil microbial communities and soil activities.
Venturi VittorioInvited talkMolecular communication and adaptationBacterial intercellular communication (quorum sensing) in rice associated bacteria
Girlanda MariangelaPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionRoots and saprotrophic microfungi: exploiting their synergism to remediate soil contaminated with organic pollutants and toxic metals
Redjala TanegmartPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionCadmium uptake by hydroponically, aeroponically and soil-grown roots of maize
Caballero-Mellado JesusInvited talkRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchBurkholderia diazotrophic species exhibit mechanisms involved in plant growth promotion, biological control and biorremediation
Hernandez GermanPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionVariation in di-nitrogen fixation among (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) RILs grown at low and high levels of phosphorus supply
Kennedy IvanOral communicationSymbioses and plant growth promotionPlant growth promoting diazotrophs : optimising their role for maximimizing sustainable yields of field crops
Cakmak IsmailInvited talkHuman health and nutritionDetrimental Effects of Glyphosate on Micronutrient Acquisition of Plants in Rhizosphere
El Zemrany HamdyPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionEarly changes in root characteristics of maize (Zea mays) following seed inoculation with the PGPR Azospirillum lipoferum CRT1
Aydi SamirPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionInteractions of Medicago truncatula–Rhizobia strain under Phosphorus deficiency.
Sassi Aydi SamehPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionNodule metabolism and N2-fixation in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) under osmotic stress
El-Settawy DhmedPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionInfluence of Nodule-Inducing Frankia in Salinity Tolerance of Casuarina glauca Sieber Ex Spring Plants and Rhizosphere Remediation
Minamisawa KiwamuOral communicationSymbioses and plant growth promotionEthylene-mediated interactions between plants and bacteria by rhizobitoxine and 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate deaminase
Warriner KeithInvited talkHuman health and nutritionHuman Pathogens in the Rhizosphere
Mendoza AlbertoPosterMolecular communication and adaptationRoot exudates characterization involved in the interaction Zea mays -Azospirillum brasilense
Castro RocioPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaBacterium from Burkholderia genus isolated from sugar cane rhizosphere
Costa RodrigoPosterBiological control and plant health managementPseudomonas community structure and antagonistic potential in the rhizosphere: insights gained by combining phylogenetic and functional gene-based analyses
Neumann GünterPosterImpacts of GMOsImpact of transgenic potatoes with overproduction of zeaxanthin on rhizosphere processes and soil quality in agricultural production
Muñoz-Rojas JesusPosterPhysical structures and interactionsResistance of Pseudomonas putida KT2440 to natural desiccation.
George EckhardPosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchEffects of rhizosphere processes on shoot quality
Bott SebastianPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionEvidence for impaired micronutrient acquisition in glyphosate-resistant soybean (Glycine max L.)
Kane AboubacryPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionEffets of host plants on the development and diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi from peanut and millet rizospheres
Roy MélaniePosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunacheating orchids and mycorrhizal network: functioning and evolution of this association.
Benchabane MessaoudPosterBiological control and plant health managementBiocontrol of Fusarium oxysporum f.sp. albedinis by Pseudomonas fluorescens
Greger MariaPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionRhizosphere interaction during Cd uptake by various wheat cultivars
Gomez LuisPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionGenetic variability in symbiotic nitrogen fixation and tolerance to phosphorus (P) deficiency in Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata L, Walp), Mungbean (Vigna radiata (L) Wilzeck) and Chickpea (Cicer arietinum L.) genotypes from Cuba
Teki Nagendra RaoPosterFate and management of nutrientsEffect of sulphur fertilization on root development of tea plants
Young IainInvited talkPhysical structures and interactionsThe biophysics of the soil-root interface
Bonaldi KatiaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionA new paradigm for legumes symbiosis: absence of nod genes in photosynthetic Bradyrhizobia
De Bruijn FransPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionGenetics and genomics of aminoacid synthesis of Sinorhizobium meliloti and the analysis of a mutant bank
Schaffert RobertPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionPhosphate Solubilizing Microorganisms Associated with Maize Rhizosphere in Brazilian Acid Savanna Soils
Cesco StefanoPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityUse efficiency of natural iron complexes by tomato plants
Weinmann MarkusPosterBiological control and plant health managementSynergistic effects of Pseudomonas fluorescens ssp. inoculation, arbuscular mycorrhiza and healthy root growth in grapevine and wheat affected by soil sickness
Siasou EleniPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionDoes carbon flow from mycorrhizal fungi stimulate bacterial antibiotic production?
Schue MathieuPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionModulation of cadmium uptake by A. thaliana mediated by Rhizobium sp. YAS34 root biofilm.
Nava DanielOral communicationFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaGenetic and biochemical diversity of indigenous rhizobia in Mexico
Godbold DouglasPosterClimate change, C and N cyclingHigh atmospheric carbon dioxide does not lead to nutrient depletion in trees.
Tarnawski SoniaPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaPopulation structure of sulfatase producing strains isolated from soil and the rhizosphere of Lolium perenne.
Fuentes-Ramírez Luis ErnestoPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionPlant growth promotion of Echinocactus platyacanthus, an endangered Cactaceae from Mexican highlands, by inoculation with isolates of methylotrophic bacteria
Benkhoua NezhaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionEvaluation of the capacity of soils in dissolution of rock phosphates
Bressan MélaniePosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaRole of glucosinolates on microbial community in the rhizosphere of Arabidopsis thaliana mutants: a DNA-SIP approach.
Neel CatherinePosterFate and management of nutrientsWeathering of horticultural vermiculite and perlite by ectomycorrhizal fungi : effect on nutrient and metal cations.
Kuhn ArndPosterPhysical structures and interactionsThe influence of spatial heterogeneous root temperatures on plant structure and on nutrient uptake
Schreiber ChristinaPosterClimate change, C and N cyclingRoot exudates of plants in the water-fluctuation-zone of the Three Gorges reservoir
Roussel-Delif LudovicPosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaProtozoa involvement in Arabidopsis thaliana growth and rhizosphere bacterial community structure
Brauman AlainPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaAt what extend a key microbial functional community (the denitrifiers) could be modified by agricultural practices: the case of direct seeding in Madagascar
Kyselkova MartinaOral communicationBiological control and plant health managementRhizobacterial Communities in Soils Suppressive or Conducive to Black Root Rot of Tobacco Analyzed by DGGE of Biocontrol Gene phlD and 16S rRNA Microarray
Jossi MarylinePosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaPhenotypic and genotypic structure of bacterial communities associated with the rhizosphere of different cultivars of Lolium perenne
Ravnskov SabineOral communicationBiological control and plant health managementInfluence of arbuscular mycorrhiza on Pythium-host plant interactions
Liebich JostPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaInfluence of root temperature on the soil microbial diversity in the rhizosphere of barley (Hordeum vulgare L.)
Tripathi AnilPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesUnfolding of hidden color in Azospirillum brasilense: Interplay between an extra-cytoplasmic function sigma factor and its anti-sigma factor
Spaepen StijnPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionGenetic and environmental factors determining the agronomical relevance of Azospirillum-wheat interaction
Perner HenrikePosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionPhosphorous acquisition from rock phosphate by twelve arbuscular mycorrhizal species from conventionally, organically managed and natural habitats
Gomes ElianePosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionThe effect of Zea mays genotypes contrasting for phosphorus efficiency on mycorrhizal diversity analyzed by denaturing gradient gel electrophoresis (DGGE) and DNA cloning/sequencing
Assigbetse KomiPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaCharacterization of edaphic conditions in natural forest, forest plantations and fallow lands in Kenya (Kedowa, Rift valley)
Audebert AlainPosterModelling and upscalingRoots model calibration to describe root length density for rainfed rice using soil profile root impacts.
Hartmann, Prof. Dr. AntonOral communicationMolecular communication and adaptationN-Acylhomoserine lactone signalling in the rhizosphere and response patterns by plants
Prendergast MirandaPosterMultitrophic interactionsEctomycorrhizal Carbon and its role in Denitrification in Boreal Forest Soils
Chave MariePosterBiological control and plant health managementDynamycs of rhizoplane Bacterial Communities Subjected to Physico-Chemical Treatments in Hydroponic Crops
Nicolaisen Mette HaubjergPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesTranscriptional analysis of the functional tfdA gene in Ralstonia eutropha AEO106(pRO101) during MCPA herbicide degradation in natural soil and rhizosphere
Hense BurkhardPosterMolecular communication and adaptationAutoinducer mediated bacterial signalling in the rhizosphere
Mainiero RaphaelPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityFine root dynamics in Fagus sylvatica: A comparison with Picea abies and the influence of elevated ozone concentrations
Yrjälä KimOral communicationFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaBoth functional and 16SrRNA marker genes reveal bacterial responses in bulk- and birch root-associated soil during PAH bioremediation
Kania AngelikaPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesLocalized sampling of root exudates and rhizosphere soil solution by use of sorption media - Applications and Perspectives
Reyes Jorge LuisPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionOn-station and on-farm field experiments to study yield, protein content and farmers’ acceptance of common bean genotypes inoculated with Rhizobium and Azospirillum in the province of Piñar del Rio, Cuba.
Remans RoselinePosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityRoot exudation of two genotypes of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) as affected by Rhizobium inoculation and P nutrition
Garcìa PaulaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionA new species of genus Cohnella isolated from rhizosphere of Phaseolus coccineus subsp. coccineus in North Spain
Fedoseyenko DmytroPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionIdentification of chemoattractants and signalling substances in the root exudates of nutrient-deficient plants.
Borriello RobertoPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionComposition and diversity of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal (AMF) communities in soils under different tillage practices and fertilizer regimens.
Rangin CécileOral communicationFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaHow genetic pressure of Medicago truncatula acts on the molecular selection and population pattern of its favourite symbiotic bacteria, Sinorhizobium sp.?
Müller PeterPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityIsothermal DNA amplification renders identification of a broad spectrum of bacteria and fungi in Eleutherococcus spec. plant tissue cultures
Robledo MartaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionCell wall-degrading enzymes involved in the endophytic establishment of rhizospheric nitrogen-fixing bacteria
Sánchez Castro IvánPosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaAssessment of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungal diversity in roots of plant species of singular ecological value from Natural Park of Sierra de Baza (Granada, Spain)
Costa Carvalhais LíliaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionEffect of root exudates on the expression of plant-growth promoting genes in rhizobacteria
Dutra Costa MaurícioPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionOxalate crystal formation induced by ectomycorrhizal fungi in fine lateral roots of Eucalyptus sp.
McNeill AnnOral communicationPhysical structures and interactionsArchitectural responses of plant roots to high and low density interfaces in soil: visualisations in 4-dimensions
Niboyet AudreyPosterClimate change, C and N cyclingEffects of several components of global change and their interactions on nitrification and denitrification in a grassland ecosystem
Amenc lauriePosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesHow to visualisation and localisation of acid phosphatase transcripts in common bean nodules (Phaseolus vulgaris) by in situ RT-PCR
Bogusz Didier JosephOral communicationSymbioses and plant growth promotionRecent molecular and genomic developments in the actinorhizal symbiosis Casuarina-Frankia
Lesueur DidierPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesSoil degradation assessment: a comparative analysis of NIRS results with soil microbial communities and enzymatic activities approaches
Coq SylvainPosterClimate change, C and N cyclingQualitative difference in leaf litter tannin concentration revealed by thin layer chromatography
Walker VincentPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesA new metabolomic approach for monitoring the PGPR effect of Asospirillum brasilense Sp245 on wheat
Ansevica AnitaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionThe evaluation of effectiveness of Rhizobium sp. in annual legumes
Neumann ElkeOral communicationSymbioses and plant growth promotionProgress in the study of the composition and functioning of the extraradical mycelium of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the soil
Pothier Joël F.PosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesIdentification by differential fluorescence induction of Azospirillum brasilense Sp245 genes regulated by wheat seed exudates
Fremaux BastienPosterHuman health and nutritionEcological interaction of Escherichia coli O157:H7 with a biocontrol Pseudomonas fluorescens strain producing 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol.
Andersen Karen StevnbakPosterMultitrophic interactionsSoil protozoa and nematode abundance differ between soil taken under Calluna and Deschampsia in a heath land ecosystem.
Campos AndréPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionCharacterization and mobilization of carbon storage compounds in the ectomycorrhizal fungus Pisolithus sp.
Combes-Meynet EmelinePosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionRegulation of the 1-aminocyclopropane-1-carboxylate (ACC) deaminase gene acdS in the PGPR Azospirillum lipoferum 4B and its phenotypic variant 4VI
Helmisaari Heljä-SiskoPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionRemediation of heavy metal contaminated forest soil using recycled organic matter and native woody plants
Jassogne LaurencePosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesUnderstanding distribution and speciation of Mn, Fe, Cu, and Zn surrounding old root channels in a soil with strong texture contrast
Dunbabin VanessaInvited talkModelling and upscalingUsing root architecture models to bridge the gap between the rhizosphere and the whole root system
Hayden HelenOral communicationCutting edge approaches/methodologiesQuantitification of functional microbial genes in three geomorphic soil classes in Victoria, Australia.
Diouf DieganePosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionInvestigation of the symbiotic associations of legume species and their potential for revegetation of salted area in Senegal
Calvaruso ChristopheOral communicationFate and management of nutrientsForest tree rhizosphere increase soil mineral weathering: an in situ approach
Turpault Marie-PierrePosterFate and management of nutrientsDoes rhizospheric activity explain forest ecosystem sustainability ?
Sanchez-Yañez Juan ManuelPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionBurkholderia an endophytic bacteria of teocinte (Zea mexicana sp mexicana L)
Lopez-Lopez AlinePosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaDiversity of endophytic bacteria of two contrasting cultivars of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.)
Yanni YoussefPosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchNatural Endophytic Association between Rhizobium leguminosarum bv. trifolii and Wheat and its Potential to Promote Wheat Plant Growth and Crop Performance
Onofre JanettePosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionBurkholderia, a Genus Rich in Plant-associated ACC deaminase-Expressing species
Garnier Jean-MariePosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionSpatial and temporal monitoring of root-induced chemical changes in the rhizosphere of rice growing in a flooded rhizobox: application to arsenic uptake
Sainz María J.PosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionMycorrhizal inoculation at the rooting stage improves growth of C. japonica cultivars in high and slightly acid substrates
Michaud AuréliaPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionCu acquisition by durum wheat in Cu-contaminated, former vineyard calcareous soils as related to root-induced chemical changes in the rhizosphere
Richard FranckPosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaShrub facilitation and feedback with soil fungi contribute to Quercus ilex establishment in a chaparral-oak forest Mediterranean ecosystem
Ngwene BenardPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionInfluence of the ratio of ammonium to nitrate on uptake of phosphorus from rock phosphate in Cowpea (Vigna unguiculata (L.) Walp.) inoculated with mycorrhiza fungi (Glomus sp.)
Leveau JohanOral communicationMolecular communication and adaptationBacterial degradation of the plant signal molecule indole 3-acetic acid: mineralization, manipulation or communication?
Djigal DjibrilPosterMultitrophic interactionsInteractions between bacterial-feeding nematodes and the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Glomus aggregatum in the rhizosphere of three plants
Becerra Castro CristinaPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionChromium tolerance of rhizosphere microflora of the nickel hyperaccumulator, Alyssum serpyllifolium
Schneider ChristophPosterPhysical structures and interactionsRooting density and vertical water uptake profiles - what else matters?
Dell'Amico ElenaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionPerformance of Cd-resistant rhizobacteria to improve Brassica napus growth under cadmium stress
Prigent-Combaret ClaireOral communicationSymbioses and plant growth promotionEffect of the biocontrol compound 2,4-diacetylphloroglucinol produced by fluorescent Pseudomonas on Azospirillum PGPR
Yazdanbakhsh NimaPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesDevelopment of a computer colntolled Robot Based platform applied to simultaneous root growth profiling of seedlings growing in a Petri dish
Garcia AurelioPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionThe interaction between Rhizobium and common bean genotypes: grain yield and nitrogen fixation in limed and unlimed acid Acrisol from Cuba
Boyer MickaëlOral communicationMolecular communication and adaptationA quorum-quenching approach to identify quorum-sensing regulated functions in Azospirillum lipoferum
Paul Chowdhury SoumitraPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionOccurrence of diverse nifH sequences but absence of metabolically active nitrogen fixing bacteria in the rhizosphere and roots of the drought-affected Lasiurus sindicus, a perennial desert grass.
Renier AdelinePosterMolecular communication and adaptationThe Methylobacterium nodulans / Crotalaria podocarpa symbiosis: a classic process for an original model
Tadjiev AnvarPosterBiological control and plant health managementBifunctional phosphorus mobilizing rhizobacteria in biological control of phytopathogenes of plants
Franken PhilippOral communicationSymbioses and plant growth promotionInteractions between root endophytes and plants: Impact on plant development and health
Villenave CécileOral communicationMultitrophic interactionsSoil nematofauna in the rhizosphere of different crops indicated specificity in soil bio-functionning
Sayyari Zahan M. HassanPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityManganese efficiency of bread (Triticum aestivum L.) and durum (T. durum) wheat cultivars
Sas Paszt LidiaPosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchThe influence of mycorrhiza on the growth and yielding of strawberry and the processes taking place in the rhizosphere.
Barré PierreOral communicationFate and management of nutrientsSoil clay minerals-plants potassium transfer as seen by X-ray diffraction
Selosse Marc-AndreOral communicationFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaEvolution of mycorrhizal associations in Ericaceae shaped host ecology: an overview of recent advances
Djumaniyzova GulnaraPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionPolyfunctional phosphorus mobilizing rhizobacteria for soil bioremediation
Guntur SubbaraoPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityNatural nitrification inhibition by plants – A novel genetic strategy to combat nitrification and N2O emissions from agricultural systems
Vijayaragavan KannanPosterBiological control and plant health managementEfficiency of effluent microflora in plant growth promotion and disease control
Hossain IliasPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityEffect of Straw Management and Nitrogen Fertilization on Root Growth and Root Characteristics of Wheat Through Raised Bed System on a low N Calcareous Soil of Bangladesh
Ma BinPosterFate and management of nutrientsThe rhizosphere effects of different age alfalfa on nitrogen supply on saline soil
Deguchi ShinPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionWhite clover living mulch improves the phosphorus (P) nutrition of corn in Andisols via arbuscular mycorrhizal (AM) fungus colonization
Choi Sang JaPosterFate and management of nutrientsComparative transcriptomic analysis under phosphorus deficiency among three model plants
Gaskin SharynPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionAustralian Native Grasses for Rhizoremediation of Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Contaminated Soil
Alberton OdairPosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaDark septate endophytes functioning in association with Scots pine under elevated CO2
Ambade BalramPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionStudy on Bioremediation and Treatment of PAH-contaminated soil and their Planning
Paulin Melanie M.PosterBiological control and plant health managementTranscriptional activity of antifungal metabolite-coding genes phlD and hcnBC in Pseudomonas sp. isolates from strawberry rhizosphere using qRT-PCR
Yin ChuanhuaPosterFate and management of nutrientsThe influence of the tamarisk on the distribution pattern of soil salinity and moisture in northern Taklamakan desert, Xinjiang, China 
Abdelhamid MagdiPosterFate and management of nutrientsCobalt effects on root nodulation, nutrients content and yield of faba bean (Vicia faba L.)
Meincke RemoPosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaEffects of zeaxanthin-accumulating potatoes on fungal communities in the rhizosphere
Défago GenevièveInvited talkBiological control and plant health managementBiocontrol interactions of Pseudomonas in the rhizosphere
Vidal CélinePosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchMesorhizobia adapted to a metallicolous plant : Anthyllis vulneraria
Cloutier-Hurteau BenoîtOral communicationFate and management of nutrientsMicrobial Influence on Al Speciation in the Rhizosphere of Forest Soils
Prasanna RadhaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionEcological Significance and potential applications of rhizo-cyanobacteria in rice-wheat cropping system
Nicoletti RosarioPosterBiological control and plant health managementFungal antagonists from the rhizosphere of white lupin (Lupinus albus)
Mariano Eduardo Dal AvaPosterModelling and upscalingA quantitative analysis of root citrate exudation as a mechanism of aluminium resistance in maize
Thorup-Kristensen KristianOral communicationRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchIntroducing deep rooted plant species for improved nitrogen management in agriculture
López Mosquera Maria ElviraPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaSeasonal variation of microbiological parameters in sown meadow soils as affected by mineral and organic fertilization
Standing DominicPosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchHigh throughput screening of the effects of changing rhizosphere carbon flow on bacterial antibiotic production
Bravin MatthieuOral communicationRhizoremediation and soil pollutionField-scale relevance of root-mediated changes of soil solution copper concentration in the rhizosphere of durum wheat grown in copper-contaminated, former vineyard soils
Ma BinPosterFate and management of nutrientsA study on inorganic phosphorus fractions in five super-xerophytic shrubs rhizosphere of the Alashan Desert
Shen JianboPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityGrowth and citrate exudation of white lupin (Lupinus albus L.) in response to aluminum in a solution culture
Krasova Wade TatianaPosterMolecular communication and adaptationGeographic distribution of genetic diversity of cowpea rhizobia in soil of Senegal
Di Meo VincenzoPosterFate and management of nutrientsSeasonal chemical changes in rhizospheric and bulk soil under maize in open field
Cozzolino VincenzaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionEffects of the inoculation with Glomus intraradices on maize growth and P availability in the mycorrhizosphere
Alen'kina SwetlanaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionStudy of the mechanisms of interaction between lectins of the nitrogen fixing soil bacterium Azospirillum brasilense and hydrolytic enzymes
Weinert NicolePosterImpacts of GMOsBacterial communities in the rhizosphere and geocaulosphere of potatoes affected by zeaxanthin expression?
Rosenvald KatrinPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityFactors affecting rhizosphere processes in young silver birch stands on abandoned agricultural land
Cheema Gurtej SinghPosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchGrowth and yield of American cotton(Gossypium hirsutum L.) as affected by planting methods and spacings
Jansson JanetInvited talkCutting edge approaches/methodologiesMolecular assessment of physiological status and field survival of Pseudomonas fluorescens SBW25
Miao ShujiePosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionInfluence of various insoluble P sources on rhizosphere pH
Xu JianmingPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionNonlinear spatial gradient of pentachlorophenol degradation in the rhizosphere of Lolium perenne L.
Iglesias-Díaz M. IsabelPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionEctomycorrhization of Pinus pinaster seedlings under controlled and no controlled conditions: Efficiency of commercial inoculum
Samal DebasmitaPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityRoot exudates composition of wheat and sugar beet at low and high K supply and mobilization of K in soil by exuded amino acids
Raynaud XavierOral communicationPhysical structures and interactionsPlants may alter competition by modifying nutrient bioavailability in rhizosphere: a modelling approach
Marmeisse RolandInvited talkFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaRecent developments and perspectives in the exploration of the taxonomic and functional diversity of soil eukaryotes
Werth MartinPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesContribution of maize roots to CO2 efflux from soil and to microbial biomass as estimated by 14C pulse labelling and 13C natural abundance
Schwarz DietmarPosterMolecular communication and adaptationDetection, spread and interactions of Pepino Mosaic Virus and Pythium aphanidermatum in the root environment of tomato grown hydroponically
Robin ChristophePosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesOptimization of pulse labelling techniques of plant shoots with 14CO2 or 13CO2 to study the belowground allocation of recently assimilated C.
Lehr Nina-AlexandraOral communicationSymbioses and plant growth promotionFacilitated colonisation or biocontrol: fungus-specificity by a mycorrhiza helper bacterium against the phytopathogen Heterobasidion annosum
Okon YaacovOral communicationSymbioses and plant growth promotionAzospirillum brasilense exopolysaccharide production
Benlaribi MostefaPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityThe expression of the seminal and adventitious root systems under the water deficit in wheat, consequences on rhizosphere
Bazot StéphanePosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionMineralization of diuron [3-(3,4-dichlorophenyl)-1, 1-dimethylurea] by co-immobilized Arthrobacter sp. and Delftia acidovorans
Mnyazi Jefwa JoycePosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaArbuscular Mycorrhizae Fungi (AMF) associated with rhizosphere of banana systems
Doornbos RogierOral communicationFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaEffects of systemically induced resistance on the indigenous rhizosphere and phyllosphere microflora of Arabidopsis thaliana
Drevon Jean-JacquesPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionNodular diagnosis for integrated improvement of symbiotic nitrogen fixation and its rhizospheric interactions.
Zampieri ElisaPosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaFrom oligonucleotide barcoding to development of a phyloarray for truffle species identification
Mikola JuhaOral communicationMultitrophic interactionsPositive effect of protozoa-bacteria interaction on plant growth - is it hormonal or just nutrients?
Veresoglou StavrosPosterClimate change, C and N cyclingFunctional diversity and dynamics of nitrogen cycling bacteria in rhizosphere vs. mycorrhizospheres of Plantago lanceolata
Robertson SusanOral communicationRhizoremediation and soil pollutionDegradation of petroleum hydrocarbons in the mycorrhizosphere of northern forest soils
Blagodatskaya EvgeniaPosterFate and management of nutrientsResponse of microbial respiration and DNA on glucose addition to root-free and rhizosphere soil at different N levels
Pigna MassimoPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionArsenic uptake by arbuscular mycorrhizal lettuce colonized by Glomus intraradices in As contaminated soil
Khara JalilPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionArbuscular mycorrhizal fungi colonizing halophytic and glycophytic plants in Iran
Shaw LizPosterMolecular communication and adaptationFlavonoid biodegradation, sorption and impact on microbial activity and community structure in soil and rhizosphere
Kayodé PolycarpePosterHuman health and nutritionIron and zinc bioavailability from forty-five sorghum genotypes from West Africa
Segreto RossanaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionMycorrhizal specificity in green Mediterranean orchids of open habitat
Christensen SørenPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaBacterial community composition in the rhizosphere responds to A-mycorrhiza, but not directly to reduced carbon input from the plant
Cregut MickaelPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaStructure and diversity of bacterial communities implicated in ester sulphates mineralization in rhizosphere soil of rape and barley
Araujo Adelson PauloOral communicationRoot growth and plant functional diversityPhosphatase and phytase activities in nodules of common bean genotypes at different levels of phosphorus supply
Koller RobertPosterMultitrophic interactionsProtozoa increase N-uptake of mycorrhizal plants via extra radical mycelium
Kuzyakov YakovPosterFate and management of nutrientsRoot uptake of N containing and N free low molecular organic substances
Li HaigangPosterFate and management of nutrientsDynamics of P fractions in the rhizosphere of common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L.) and durum wheat (Triticum turgidum durum L.) grown in monocropping and intercropping systems
Fromin NathaliePosterClimate change, C and N cyclingSpatial variability and stability of soil microbial functioning in tropical rainforest
Salvioli AlessandraPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionThe interaction between the arbuscular mycorrhizal fungus Gigaspora margarita and its endobacterium: a molecular analysis
Pirker HeidemariePosterHuman health and nutritionCaenorhabditis elegans – screening for potential human pathogens derived from the rhizosphere
Zhang FusuoPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaLinkage between the above-ground plant diversity and the below-ground diversity of bacterial community in intercropping
Chen ChengrongPosterFate and management of nutrientsSoluble organic N and microbial processes in the rhizosphere of a lowland tropical rainforest in Australia
Micanovic DanicaPosterFate and management of nutrientsMethod for selection of wheat on possibility of nitrogen fixation
Heidari MostafaPosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchEffects of increasing soil salinity and nitrogen levels on grain yield, osmotic adjustments and nutrient uptake in wheat
Mukutiri Josiah TonderaiPosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchBiodiversity of Indigenous Promiscuous Soyabean Rhizobia in some Zimbabwean Soils
Valed saravi Seid CobraPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionEffect of plant growth promoting rhizobacteria on morphological and physiological characteristics and yield of wheat ( Triticum aestivum L . cv Milan)
Cheng WeixinOral communicationClimate change, C and N cyclingThe Rhizosphere Effect on Decomposition: Mechanisms and Ecological Implications
Slatni TarekPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionGrowth, nitrogen fixation and ammonium assimilation in common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris L): effect of iron deficiency
Sebbane NourredinePosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaPhenotypical and genotypical characteristics of root-nodulating bacteria isolated from annual Medicago spp. in Soummam Valley (Algeria)
Slezack-Deschaumes SophiePosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaFunctional study of soil microbial communities (bacteria and fungi) implicated in the sulfur mineralization in the rhizosphere of rape
Choi Dong-SuPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionGrowth and photosynthetic characteristics of pine seedlings inoculated with ectomycorrhiza under acidified forest soil
Mandri BtissamPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionEffect of phosphorus treatment on interactions between common bean lines and native rhizobia from Moroccan soil
Berraho El BekkayPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaCharacterization of endophytic bacteria associated with roots and epicotyls of carob tree (Ceratonia siliqua L.)
Calvo i Alegre Olga CristinaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionInteractions between plant roots and non-symbiotic N2-fixing bacteria in the rhizosphere
Kopecky JanPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaDiversity of bacteria along the anemo-orographic system in the Krkonose Mountains
Lõhmus KristaPosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchAdaptive strategies of rhizosphere processes in different tree species on reclaimed oil shale mining areas
Bacilio MacarioPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionReduction of salt stress in chili plantlets by the synergic action of Azospirillum lipoferum and humic acids.
Villegas Maria del CarmenPosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchEvaluation of yield crop of Phaseolus vulgaris and Vicia faba biofertilized with native rhizobia at Tlaxcala, Mexico
Khademian HosseinPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityEffect of Crop Rotation on Biological and Chemical Parameters of Wheat Rhizosphere
Baggs ElizabethOral communicationClimate change, C and N cyclingUsing stable isotope techniques to verify links between plant C flow and denitrification
Baca Beatriz EugeniaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionIdentification of an iron transport operon in Gluconacetobacter diazotro phicus
Bertaux JoanneOral communicationCutting edge approaches/methodologiesRoutine Fluorescence in situ hybridization in soil
Boudiaf Nait Kaci MalikaPosterFate and management of nutrientsDynamic of phoshorus in Olea europea rhizosphere.
Kryuchkova YelenaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionSynthesis of IAA by rhizospheric bacteria of the genus Azospirillum in the presence of glyphosate
Javaux MathieuOral communicationModelling and upscalingModelling effective behaviour of maize root under water scarcity
Vallance JessicaPosterBiological control and plant health managementInfluence of the biocontrol agent Pythium oligandrum on the fungal communities colonising the rhizosphere of tomatoes grown in soilless culture
Mouas Bourbia SophiaPosterFate and management of nutrientsN and K Distribution in Olea europea Rhizosphere
Varanini ZenoPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityEffect of nitrate supply on root uptake, microbial metabolism and soil enzyme activities
Bonkowski MichaelInvited talkMultitrophic interactionsRhizosphere Ecology: Multitrophic microbial interactions in the rhizosphere of plants
Ofek MayaPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaRoot bacterial community composition- consequences of intervention.
Högberg NilsPosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaThe effects of species and functional group diversity among straw inhabiting fungi and bacteria are significant for the decomposition of rice straw in microcosm communities.
Matynia AnthonyPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionRetention mechanism of Cu from wastewaters by vegetated peat
Stockdale ElizabethOral communicationFate and management of nutrientsCompetition for amino acids in the rhizosphere using nano-scale secondary ion mass spectrometry
Djokic LidijaPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaUse of fluorescent in situ hybridization for structural analyses of microbial communities in two soil samples of endemo-relict plant species Ramonda serbica and Ramonda nathaliae
Nunes da Rocha UlissesOral communicationFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaCulturing the ‘unculturables’; a challenging approach to recover new species from the leek (Allium porrum) rhizosphere
Rosas SusanaPosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchPseudomonas aurantiaca: its role in the rhizosphere of important agronomic cultivars
Burygin GennadyOral communicationCutting edge approaches/methodologiesImmunochemical revealing of soil and rhizosphere bacteria
Cattani IleniaPosterFate and management of nutrientsEffects of natural organic substances on nutrient flows in the rhizosphere
Oger ElodiePosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionThe impact of sterol biosynthesis inhibitors fungicides on arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi: a molecular approach
Do Thi XuanPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaMolecular and functional biodiversity of rice straw decomposer bacteria and fungi in two Vietnamese soils
Humbert SylviaOral communicationFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaMolecular detection of anammox bacteria in terrestrial ecosystems
Herrera Juan ManuelPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityEffects of catch crops on grain yield, nitrogen uptake and root development of succeeding spring wheat at high and low nitrogen supply
Bapiri AzadehPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionAn Evaluation of Drought Resistance for some Sinorhizobium meliloti Strains
Valentine TracyPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityGenetic variation and interactions of root traits involved in plant:soil physical interactions
Fischer HolgerPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesQuantitative and qualitative determination of rhizodeposition and root respiration of maize with a combined leaching and blowout system
Bekki AbdelkaderPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaValorisation of legume nodulating bacteria diversity for degraded arid and saline Algerian land restoration
Li DanPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionAcidovorax sp. N35 - an AHL-producing rhizosphere bacterium able to perform phase variation
Munch Jean CharlesPosterFate and management of nutrientsExudates of maize and wheat: fate of 13C-organic matter in soil during a short-term incubation
Jelali NahidaPosterFate and management of nutrientsResponse of Pisum sativum L. to iron deficiency: Effects on growth, chlorophyll content, and root ferric chelate reductase activity
Wuyts NathalieOral communicationCutting edge approaches/methodologiesNew tools for motion analysis of time-lapse confocal laser scanning microscopy images: exploring the dynamics of Arabidopsis root growth
Schnepf AndreaOral communicationModelling and upscalingA mycorrhizal growth model and its impact on plant phosphorus availability
Scandellari FrancescaOral communicationCutting edge approaches/methodologiesCarbon isotopes of phospholipid fatty acids reveal fungal metabolism
Ghoulam CherkiPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionAssessment of Common Bean/Rhizobia Symbiosis Performance Under Different Soil Phosphorus Levels
Pinton RobertoPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityFlavonoids released from cluster roots and root tips: their role on P- and Fe-mobilization by white lupin
Talbi OnsPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityEffects of phosphate availability and salinity on the root system architecture and phosphatase activities of Catapodium rigidum plants
Grebenc TinePosterClimate change, C and N cyclingThe influence of roots and ectomycorrhizae to carbon sequestration under two management conditions
Johansson EmmaOral communicationRhizoremediation and soil pollutionQuantitative analysis of root and ectomycorrhizal exudates as a response to heavy metal (Pb, Cd and As) stress
Emmanuel JousseinPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionChromium and nickel uptake by Plants from serpentinic ecosystems (Limousin): a rhizospheric approach
Seaman JonathanPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesSignature-Tagged Mutagenesis of Rhizobium leguminosarum
Akhgar Abdol-RezaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionIsolation, Identification and Determination of ACC deaminase Activity in Canola Rhizobacteria Isolated from Saline Soils
Wasaki JunPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaMicrobial diversity and function of the rhizosphere of white lupin are different among nutrient conditions.
Munive José-AntonioPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaGenetic diversity of rhizobia isolated from legume species nodules in the temperate forests of Mexico
Henry FredericPosterClimate change, C and N cyclingEvidences for a temporary higher C availability in the rhizosphere following plant defoliation
Reich MarlisPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesThe "bricolage" for describing ectomycorrhizal communities
Tesfamariam TsehayePosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityThe Fate of Glyphosate in the Rhizosphere
Krouma AbdelmajidPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityPhotosynthetic activity and water relation in three Tunisian Chickpea genotypes subjected to drought
He XinhuaOral communicationSymbioses and plant growth promotionNitrogen sink strength of two-year-old Quercus agrifolia, Q. douglasii and Q. garryana seedlings and their ectomycorrhizal morphotypes in a northern California oak woodland
Lenoir ThomasPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionSpeciation of Cu in the rhizosphere of paddy soils impacted by the exploitation of a porphyry copper deposit
Najafi NosratollahPosterFate and management of nutrientsChanges in inorganic phosphorus fractions and availability in rhizosphere soil of rice after P addition
Weigt RosemariePosterFate and management of nutrientsThe fate of nitrogen at the soil – root interface: A comparison between beech and spruce.
Schloter MichaelPosterBiological control and plant health managementDifferentially expressed genes during mycoparasitic interactions of Trichoderma sp. and Fusarium culmorum
Djedidi SalemPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityModulation of root architecture and acid phosphatase activity of Medicago ciliaris L. by phosphorus availability in the medium
Fransson Ann-MariPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityThe response of Arabidopsis thaliana to P additions in soil – a microarray study
De Schamphelaire LiesjePosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchFrom rice plant to power plant: microbial fuel cells generate electricity from root exudates
Okoth SheilaPosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaLand use systems and distribution of Trichoderma species in Embu region, Kenya
Waldhuber SebastianPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaClipping and shading shifts the community level physiological profile (CLPP) of rhizosphere microbial communities of an alpine meadow.
Lyubun YelenaPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionArsenic transformation by Azospirillum brasilense Sp245 in association with wheat (Triticum aestivum L.) roots
Sipilä TimoPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionMicrobial potential for biodegradation of polyaromatic hydrocarbons in woody plant root-associated soil
Ramachandran Vinoy KumarPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesTranscriptomic analysis of Rhizobium leguminosarum in the Pea rhizosphere
Palojärvi AnsaPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaRhizosphere microbial community structure under special crops in a long term field experiment
Langer IngridPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionThe effect of indigenous ectomycorrhizal communities on Zn uptake by Populus tremula.
Sacchi Gian AttilioPosterFate and management of nutrientsUsing Arabidopsis thaliana gene trapping lines to develop plant bioindicators for monitoring plant sulfur nutritional status and/or sulfate availability in the rhizosphere.
Rasmussen UllaPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaDiversity and dynamics in the diazotrophic community in a rice paddy field - nifH PCR-DGGE analysis of DNA and RNA from rhizosphere and bulk soil
Khan Md. Shahadat HossainPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityAluminum tolerance is not always the primary strategy for better growth of rice in long-term under low ionic strength conditions
Haesler FelixOral communicationBiological control and plant health managementStructural and functional analysis of antagonistic potential against the root pathogen Phytophthora citricola in beech (Fagus sylvatica) rhizospheres under elevated CO2 and O3 conditions
Joa Jae -HoPosterPhysical structures and interactionsEfffects of Different Sod Cultivation System on Soil Physiochemical Properties and Microbial Activities of Citrus Orchard in Dark Brown Volcanic Ash Soil
Steingrobe BerndPosterFate and management of nutrientsManganese efficiency and Mn uptake kinetics of raya (Brassica juncea L.) in comparison to wheat and oat
Martin SarahPosterPhysical structures and interactionsThe role of microbial diversity in developing soil structure
Richardson AlanOral communicationPhysical structures and interactionsEffects of soil acidity on rhizosphere development in cereals
Pfeffer SusannePosterMultitrophic interactionsOlfactory response of the predatory soil mite Hypoaspis aculeifer towards fungivore induced changes in odour pattern of soil fungi
Priefer UrsulaPosterImpacts of GMOsEffect of genetically modified Rhizobium leguminosarum strains on the microbial community composition in the rhizosphere of Pisum sativum
Doroudian Hamid rezaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionEvaluation of Apatite and urban compost effects on growth, phosphor solublization and colonization of Bacillus megaterium (PSB) in rhizosphere of corn (Zea mays L.).
Aurag JamalPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionEffect of phosphate solubilizing bacteria on the mineral nutrition and growth of wheat under controlled conditions
Vetterlein DorisOral communicationRhizoremediation and soil pollutionIncrease of plant arsenic tolerance by fungal symbionts?
Louw-Gaume AnnabéPosterFate and management of nutrientsThe response specificity of oxalic acid exudation and acid phosphatase secretion with the internal plant P status in Brachiaria grasses
Nguyen ChristopheOral communicationModelling and upscalingModelling of root exudation
Morche LydiaPosterFate and management of nutrientsSulphur-Mobilisation in the Rhizosphere of Rape and Ryegrass
Shane MichaelOral communicationPhysical structures and interactionsSand-binding roots down-under: formation and functioning
Brhada FatihaPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionThe potential of Anthyllis vulneraria and rhizospheric bacteria in bioremediation of mining soils
Iwobi AzukaPosterHuman health and nutritionEndophytic colonization of Trifolium repens by Clostridium botulinum.
Fransson PetraPosterClimate change, C and N cyclingDoes carbon partitioning and nitrogen uptake and transfer in ectomycorrhizal pine seedlings under elevated CO2 vary with fungal species?
Witt ChristinaPosterMultitrophic interactionsDo different plant species promote dissimilar soil decomposer communities?
Gouws LiezelOral communicationMolecular communication and adaptationThe Molecular Analysis of the Effects of the Rhizosphere Signal Molecule Lumichrome as a Plant Growth Promoter
Hamdan LamaPosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaCharacterization of the functional fungal community implicated in sulfur mineralization
Khakipour NazaninPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionIsolation and identification of sinorhizobium meliloti strains resistant to high nitrate levels from the soils of hamadan province
Maria CamachoPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionRooting induction of olive plants cuttings by plant growth promoting rhizobacteria
O'Callaghan MaureenPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesIn-situ investigation of root exudate impacts on soil microbial diversity and activity
Okamoto MiwaPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityOrganic nitrogen uptake and metabolite profiling of sorghum seedlings grown in sterile culture
Arvidsson ZandraPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionIdentification and quantification of specific saprophytic fungal exudates in response to Pb, Cd, and As stress
Dupré de Boulois HervéPosterFate and management of nutrientsTransport of potassium by two arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi evaluated by rubidium as tracer
Marchetti MonicaPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionThe effect of bacterial interactions with roots on plant trace element uptake
Van Hees PatrickPosterClimate change, C and N cyclingThe mycorhizosphere as a dynamic interface for biotic weathering and turnover of labile carbon
Rodiño PaulaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionRhizobia-bean interaction in different environments in the Northwest of Spain
Orlowska ElzbietaOral communicationRhizoremediation and soil pollutionRole of mycorrhiza in Ni-hyperaccumulating plant Berkheya coddii Roessler.
Shinano TakuroPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesProteome analysis on root secrete proteins
Inaba ShokoPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionMechanism underlying improved plant growth in acidic soil by arbuscular mycorrhizal symbiosis
Gantner StephanOral communicationClimate change, C and N cyclingThe hidden truth: impact of global climate change on microbial rhizosphere populations of grassland plants
Wu ShaohuiPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityInteractions between low pH and Al toxicity on properties of root border cells in buckwheat
Xing ChenghuaPosterFate and management of nutrientsDevelopmental characteristics and response to iron toxicity of root border cells in rice seedlings
Cai MiaozhenPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityResponse of Root Border Cells to Al Toxicity in Soybean
Wagatsuma TadaoPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionNovel finding on methane-decomposer hygrophyte with rhizosphere Fenton reaction
Watanabe ToshihiroPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityDifferent characteristics of root mucilage in aluminium adsorption between Melastoma malabathricum and Zea mays
Oswald AndreasPosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchPlant growth promoting rhizobacteria to improve productivity and plant health of potato based cropping systems in the central Andean highlands
Wang JuanPosterFate and management of nutrientsPhosphorus acquisition by cotton, wheat and white lupin under P stress
Tang CaixianOral communicationRoot growth and plant functional diversityLocalised supply of nitrate and phosphorus increases root proliferation and rhizosphere pH of acid subsoil under aluminium-tolerant and sensitive wheat
Gopalakrishnan SubramaniamPosterFate and management of nutrientsRoot exudates of Brachiaria humidicola, a tropical pasture grass, and its effect on nitrification and soil microorganisms
Mijajlovic GéraldinePosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesMethod/s for the isolation and quantification of beneficial bacteria in the rhizosphere of crop plants
Jansa JanOral communicationFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaA quest for mycorrhizal biomass quantification – fatty acids revisited
Lerat SylvainOral communicationBiological control and plant health managementComparing the effects of the soil bacterium Streptomyces scabiei on the growth of radish seedlings in diverse nitrogen conditions: is Streptomyces scabiei strictly a pathogenic agent?
Mauchline TimPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesMapping the Sinorhizobium meliloti 1021 solute binding protein-dependent transportome.
Van Aarle IngridOral communicationSymbioses and plant growth promotionExternal P availability influences the expression pattern of a P transporter gene in ectomycorrhizal mycelium as visualized by in situ RT-PCR
Koele NinaOral communicationFate and management of nutrientsEctomycorrhizal use of the coarse soil nutrient pool for spruce seedling nutrition
Naumann MariaPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaBLOs as an integral part of AM fungi: their identification in Glomus species
Marulanda Aguirre AdrianaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionPhysiological mechanisms related to plant drought tolerance and plant growth effectiveness by native bacteria from dry environments
Srayeddin IyadPosterPhysical structures and interactionsElectrical resistivity tomography imaging: a way for assessing water uptake heterogeneity at the field scale
Azcon RosarioPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionEffect of treated agrowaste residue on microbial activity and community composition in the rhizosphere of Trifolium plants inoculated with autochtonous inocula (AM fungus and/or bacteria) in heavy metal contaminated soil
Bazhanova AlesiaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionNitrogen fixation is significant for long-term root colonization by Burkholderia sp.418
Bengough GlynOral communicationPhysical structures and interactionsGenerating the rhizosphere: Deformation of soil around roots is related to mechanical impedance and root cap properties
Djebara MalikaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionGenetic and symbiotic characterizations of rhizobiums nodulating Arachis hypogeae L . at North-East of Algeria
West HelenPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionToxicity of chelants used in metal phytoextraction
Beddiar ArifaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionSymbiotic Status of Acacia decurrens (Wendl) introduced into the area of El-Kala (Algerian North-east) and Biodiversity of Glomales of its rhizosphere.
Redon Paul-OlivierPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionInfluence of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi on the mass balance of cadmium in Medicago truncatula grown on contaminated soils.
Piutti SeverinePosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaMolecular tools to follow bacterial community implicated in the mineralization of ester sulfates in rhizosphere soil
Cébron AuréliePosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaPhytoremediation of PAH-contaminated soil influence the global bacterial population and favoured PAH-degraders
Rabhi MokdedPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityContribution of Three Halophytes in Desalination of their Rhizosphere in Saline Soils under Non-Leaching Conditions
Blossfeld StephanOral communicationCutting edge approaches/methodologiesNon-invasive and simultaneous 2D imaging of pH and O2 dynamics in the rhizosphere by use of a novel rhizobox for optical measurement, minimal-invasive sampling and experimental treatment
Yousfi SabahPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityContribution of Phytosiderophore Release in the Rhizosphere to Increase Trace Metal Bioavailability
Abdelly ChedlyPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityNodule acid phosphatase and phytase activity of Common bean (Phaseolus vulgaris) under phosphorus deficiency
M'sehli WissalPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityRoot exudation and rhizosphere acidification in response to iron deficiency of two provenances of Medicago ciliaris
Zribi KaisPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionIsolation of nodulating Medicago sativa rhizobia from mining sites and study of their resistance to heavy metals in perspective to use symbiosis for soil remediation
Mahmoudi HendaPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityResponses of two Tunisian chickpea (Cicer arietinum) varieties to iron deficiency
Drigo BarbaraPosterClimate change, C and N cyclingTowards a rhizo-centric climate change view: tracking carbon from the atmosphere to the rhizosphere microbial communities under elevated CO2
Schreiner KarinPosterBiological control and plant health managementBiocontrol of the phytopathogenic fungus Gaeumannomyces graminis var. tritici: Identification of bacterial antagonists and metabolites responsible for take-all decline
Jia GuomeiPosterFate and management of nutrientsThe Size and Composition of Microbial community in Abandoned Agricultural Land in the Central Region of Loess Plateau, China
Hagn AlexandraPosterBiological control and plant health managementA new primer set for monitoring and quantification of Trichoderma populations in soil
Puschenreiter MarkusOral communicationRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchEffect of rhizosphere bacteria on Zn/Cd mobilisation from a contaminated soil and accumulation of Zn/Cd in metal-accumulating Salix caprea.
Karlsson MagnusPosterClimate change, C and N cyclingDistribution, evolution and structure of microbial family 18 glycoside hydrolases (chitinases)
Yamamura TakuyaPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityThe effects of soil microorganisms on the formation of cluster roots in white lupin
Jousset AlexandreOral communicationFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaSecondary metabolite production confers high competitive advantage for Pseudomonas fluorescens CHA0 through grazing resistance against protozoan predators (Acanthamoeba castellanii)
Wojciechowski TobiasPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityDo semi-dwarfing genes affect root growth of temperate cereals?
Krome KristinPosterMultitrophic interactionsIs plant growth promotion by soil amoeba based on down-regulation of bacteria-induced plant defence? 
Esperschuetz JuergenOral communicationCutting edge approaches/methodologiesUsing stable isotope techniques to investigate above- and belowground carbon transformation processes in model plant – soil ecosystems
Yevdokimov IlyaPosterClimate change, C and N cyclingC and N cycling in the rhizosphere and their link to photosynthesis in the experiments with 13C pulse labeling 
Niwa RiekoPosterBiological control and plant health managementInhibition of the spore germination of Plasmodiophora brassicae in rhizosphere is the primary cause of the suppression of clubroot disease under neutral pH
Anshu Chatli Anshu ChatliPosterFate and management of nutrientsPhosphate solubilising bacteria effects on nutrient uptake and growth of wheat on low phosphorus soil
An Gi-HongPosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaCommunity structure of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi in the pioneer vegetation of acid sulfate soil as revealed by soil trap culture
Kochetkov VladimirPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionBeneficial rhizosphere bacteria for bioremediation of oil-comtaminated soils
Rosenberg KatjaPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaSoil amoeba rapidly change bacterial community composition in the Arabidopsis rhizosphere
Ezawa TatsuPosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaImpacts of 90-year-application of P fertilizer on the community structure and physiological traits of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
Vierheilig HorstOral communicationMultitrophic interactionsThe biocontrol effect of mycorrhization on soil-borne fungal pathogens and the autoregulation of the AM symbiosis: one mechanism, two effects?
Khaosaad ThanasanPosterBiological control and plant health managementHow does mycorrhization affect take-all disease in barley plants ?
Javadi Esfehani YaldaPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionThe effect of Glomus intraradices on the wheat root colonization of Pseudomonas putida
Sakamoto KazunoriPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionSoybean shoot systemically regulates arbuscular mycorrhizal colonization as well as rhizobial nodulation
Tawaraya KeitaroPosterFate and management of nutrientsAcid phosphatase activity detected in the hyphal exudates of arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi
Pearse StuartOral communicationRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchBiological nitrification inhibition: a novel plant-soil interaction for improving wheat production?
Liu WenjuPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionIron Plaque Formation and Effects of Iron Plaque on Arsenic Uptake by and Translocation within Rice Plants (Oryza sativa)
Reid RobPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionRoot Thiols: Potential Roles in Heavy Metal Accumulation and Distribution in Plants
Epelde LurPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionRhizosphere microbial community as indicator of the efficiency of a metal phytoextraction process
Chiurazzi MarioPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaInfluence of agricultural practices on organic matter mineralization mediated by soil microbial communities
Nygren CajsaPosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaUtilisation of nitrate by ectomycorrhizal fungi: growth and in vivo nitrate reductase activity
Le Roux XavierOral communicationRoot growth and plant functional diversityEffects of plant species richness versus plant functional diversity on soil nitrifiers and denitrifiers: results from a large plant-assemblage experiment
Szegedi KrisztianOral communicationModelling and upscalingModelling arsenic transport and speciation in the rhizosphere in the presence of goethite with the novel computer model RhizoMath
Blouin ManuelPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesA quick method to determine root biomass distribution in diameter classes
Akagi JunkoPosterClimate change, C and N cyclingThe impact of root presence on the dissolved organic matter (DOM) in soil
Cao JingPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityA comparison of growth and root characteristics in relation to nitrogen source in three Pines species seedlings
Ariapour AliPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityThe Effect of Temperature on Germination of Various Species of Annual Medic
Haichar Feth el zaharPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaStable isotope probing of actives bacterial community in the rhizosphere
Uroz StéphaneOral communicationMultitrophic interactionsMineral weathering by mycorrhizophere bacteria : Linking roots to rocks
Akhtar M. ShahbazPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityAcclimation of Brassica cultivars to phosphate (Pi) deprivation by enhancing solublization and acquisition of sparingly soluble P sources via Pi starvation inducible biochemical and metabolic adjustments under Pi stressed environmental cues
Barahona EmmaPosterMolecular communication and adaptationIs biofilm formation a requirement for rhizosphere colonization?
Navazo AnaPosterMolecular communication and adaptationThree independent signaling pathways begativelly regulate motility in the rhizosphere colonizing bacteria Pseudomonas fluorescens F113
Aguirre de Cárcer DanielOral communicationRhizoremediation and soil pollutionFunctional and Structural shifts in a PCB-contaminated soil ecosystem after the introduction of a suitable host plant for rhizoremediation
Picard ChristinePosterRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchSelecting tomato (Solanum lycopersicon L.) lines for mycorrhizal competence: a pre-requisite for breeding the plants for the future
Cicalini Anna RitaPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionPhenanthrene phytoremediation: role of inoculum in soil-plant-microorganisms system.
Zachow ChristinPosterBiological control and plant health managementMicrobial antagonists as Biological Control Agents against Rhizoctonia diseases
Sadana UpkarPosterModelling and upscalingManganese influx and its depletion in the rhizosphere of different crops grown on Mn deficient soil
Haudecoeur EliseOral communicationMolecular communication and adaptationGABA: a signal connecting cell-to-cell communications across kingdoms
Unno YusukePosterFate and management of nutrientsPlant growth promotion mechanism of Burkholderia sp. Flap1 analyzed by using gnotobiotic water culture system.
Liu PengPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityResearch for Foremost Characteristics of Short Period Aluminum-induced Root Exudations in Soybean(Glycine max)
Otten WilfredOral communicationModelling and upscalingRhizosphere management for disease control: The significance of root system architecture
Sessitsch AngelaOral communicationRhizoremediation and soil pollutionDiversity and significance of plant-associated bacteria for heavy metal accumulation in plants
Dessureault-Rompré JacyntheOral communicationFate and management of nutrientsInfluence of root exudation on metal solubility and speciation in the rhizosphere of Lupinus albus
Amini Dehaghi MajidPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaEffect of different planting times and isoflavon genisteine concentrations in root zoon on nodulation and nitrogen fixation of three Medicago species
Winder RichardOral communicationFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaAssessing and tracking the functional diversity of forest soil microbes in coastal British Columbia, Canada.
Buddrus KatharinaOral communicationRhizo-technologies - Applications of rhizosphere researchApplication and plant growth promoting effect of a commercially used biological plant stimulator in barley
Pinochet DantePosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityRhizopheric effect of two Holcus lanatus accessions with different aluminium tolerance under different levels of exchangeable Al in soil
Alkama NoraPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityIs genotypic variability in P use efficiency for symbiotic nitrogen fixation associated with variation of proton efflux in cowpea rhizosphere?
Schröder TomPosterModelling and upscalingEffect of soil resistance at soil-root interface on root water uptake
Nuutinen Jaro T.PosterFunctional and structural diversity - fungi and mesofaunaEctomycorrhizal and saprotrophic basidiomycete fungi may catalyze the mineralization of amino acid nitrogen to ammonia
Xu LiPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesQualitative and Quantitative detection of the colonization of a plant growth promoting bacterium, Burkholderia phytofirmans, directly from its host roots using GFP and real-time PCR
Moreira FatimaOral communicationSymbioses and plant growth promotionLeguminosae-nodulating bacteria from soils under different land use systems in Western Amazon by using promiscuous trap species
Fernandez-Lopez ManuelPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionSelection of highly competitive Sinorhizobium meliloti strains for root colonization and nodulation of alfalfa in degraded soils
Emnova EcaterinaPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionBacterial copper resistance in soybean rhizosphere soil and contribution to metal phytoextraction and soil detoxification
Oburger EvaPosterFate and management of nutrientsInteractions between different organic acids in the rhizosphere
Fischer DoreenPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaIn situ characterization of endophytic diazotrophs in sugar cane (Saccharum officinale) and the diversity of their nifH genes
Manzoor ShahOral communicationSymbioses and plant growth promotionMycorrhizosphere: A control room for invasiveness by alien plants.
Han Sim-HeePosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionEffects of ectomycorrhizal fungus on Cd uptake and physiological properties of Poplar under Cd treatment
Mimmo TanjaPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesOrganic acid extraction from rhizosphere soil: effect of field-moist, dried and frozen samples
Roberts PaulaOral communicationFate and management of nutrientsDeveloping the DON paraigm: the role of high molecular weight proteins and peptides in plant and microbial nutrition in Antarctic soils.
Cirou AméliePosterBiological control and plant health managementGrowth promotion of quorum-quenching bacteria in the rhizosphere of Solanum tuberosum
George TimOral communicationFate and management of nutrientsInteraction of phytases in the rhizosphere and hydrolysis of inositol phosphates
Fu ShaoGugangPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaEffects of Interaction of Aluminum and Fluorine Stress on Soil
Dharanidhar PatraPosterFate and management of nutrientsSeasonal changes in microbial biomass in rhizosphere soils under palmarosa (Cymbopogon martinii) and menthol mint (Mentha arvensis).
Herrmann Anke MarianneOral communicationCutting edge approaches/methodologiesNano-scale secondary ion mass spectrometry – A new technique in rhizosphere research 
Arocena JoselitoPosterFate and management of nutrientsTransformation of fibrous clays to kaolinite in the rhizosphere of alfalfa, barley and canola
Rezvani MohammadPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionInvestigation of characteristics related to root under effect of mycorrhizal fungus different strains in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.).
Zaefarian FaezehPosterRoot growth and plant functional diversityInvestigation of traits related to root under effect of mycorrhizal fungus different strains in Barely (Hordeum vulgare L.).
Chapelle EmiliePosterMolecular communication and adaptationN-acylhomoserine lactones degradation is mediated by a lactonase-like activity in the environment of several legume plant species.
Su YuhongPosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionUptake and Rhizosphere Effect of PAHs in Aged Contaminated Soil by Rice (Oryza Sativa) Seedlings
Jalilian JalalPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionEffects of biofertilizer (Azotobacter&Azospirillum) and urea on oil and fatty acids composition of sunflower under water deficit stress
Saj StephanePosterFate and management of nutrientsAre root-induced decomposer growth and plant N uptake positively associated among grassland plants?
Patra AshokPosterImpacts of GMOsMicrobial activities and nutrient dynamics in the rhizosphere of transgenic Bt-cotton
Roose TiinaPosterModelling and upscalingA mathematical model for nutrient uptake by root branching structures
Yarnia MehrdadPosterSymbioses and plant growth promotionStudying of salinity effect on Rhizobiom symbiosis with alfalfa cultivars in hydroponics condition
Dessaux YvesOral communicationBiological control and plant health managementQuorum sensing as a target for novel biocontrol strategies directed at Pectobacterium
Faure DenisPosterMolecular communication and adaptationOccurrence of the quorum-quenching lactonases among the rhizospheric populations of Agrobacterium tumefaciens
Khodakaramian GholamPosterBiological control and plant health managementIdentification of Fluorescent Pseudomonads Isolated from Potato Rhizospher and Assessment of Their Antagonistic Activity Towards Pectobacterium carotovorum under Field Condition.
T.K. NagarathnaPosterFate and management of nutrientsZinc densed rice grains: physiological and molecular breeding approaches
Maeght Jean-LucPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesField monitoring of rice rhizosphere dynamics in saline soils of NE Thailand
Martínez María MPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesDetermination of β – glucosidase activity in soil from Stevia rebaudiana Bertoni crops through the use of fluorogenic substrates
Kamnev Alexander A.PosterRhizoremediation and soil pollutionMetals in soil versus plant-microbe interactions: biotic and chemical interferences 
Fayez MohamedPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaGluconacetobacter diazotrophicus is reported among the rich endophytic bacterial population of north Sinai desert plants
Hegazi NabilPosterCutting edge approaches/methodologiesPlant juices are proper culture media for growth and biomass production of rhizospheric microorganisms
Nowack BerndPosterModelling and upscalingVerification and intercomparison of reactive transport codes to describe root-uptake
He Ji-zhengPosterFunctional and structural diversity - bacteriaFertilization affects bacterial and fungal composition and diversity of a Chinese upland red soil


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