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BioIndexa - Calculation of the diversity index value
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A tool for the computation of the index of biodiversity based on dissimilarities

This page has been developped and is maintained by LAMETA.
It is dedicated to Weitzman's diversity index, which assesses the diversity of a set (of genes, species, ecosystems, political options, whatever...) based on a particular aggregation of the dissimilarities between its elements. The original reference is:

M. L. Weitzman (1992) ?On Diversity,? Quarterly Journal of Economics, 1992, 107, pp 363?406. (pdf, restricted access)

A simple description of several indexes including Weitzman's, along with their respective properties, can be fount at:

Aulong, S. ; Figuières, C. ; Erdlenbruch K. (2005). "Un tour d'horizon des critères d'évaluation de la diversité biologique". Economie Publique, 16-1, 3-46.

Aulong, S. ; Figuières, C. ; Erdlenbruch K. (2008). "Criteria for assessment of biodiversity: properties and difficulties of use". INRA Sciences Sociales, 4-5.
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