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The conference takes place in Narbonne’s theatre, at 2 avenue Maître Hubert Mouly, 11100 Narbonne. Registration and a welcome cocktail take place on Tuesday 17th of September from 18h00 to 20h00 at Salle des Sinodes, Place de l’Hotel de Ville, 11100 Narbonne. Registration will also be available Wednesday from 8h00 to 8h30 in the entrance of Narbonne’s theatre. Poster hang up takes place on Wednesday during registration time or at the first coffee break. Gala dinner takes place Friday 20th of September, from 7pm at Abbaye de Fontfroide (route départementale 113, 11100 Narbonne). Buses will be available from Narbonne’s theatre at 6h30pm.


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Wednesday 18th of September 2013 Thursday 19th of September 2013 Friday 20th of September 2013
08h30-09h00 Introduction talks      
09h00-09h45 Instrumentation, Control and Automation in wastewater - what happened from London 1973 to Narbonne 2013, Gustaf Olsson 16 Years of Experience with Rule Based Control of Copenhagen's Sewer System, Ane Loft Mollerup   Lessons learned from the WWTP benchmarking exercise, Krist V. Gernaey, John B Copp, Peter A Vanrolleghem and Ulf Jeppsson
09h45-10h20  Coffee break & poster session    Coffee break & poster session  Coffee break & poster session
10h20-12h00 W1.1- New sensors for monitoring WWTPs, rivers and sewer systems W2.1- New control strategies for improving WWTP performances  T1.1- State and unknown input estimation for bioprocesses and WWTPs T2.1- Lessons from full scale practical applications of ICA in WWTPs F1.1- Modelling and control of MBRs F2.1- Fault Detection and Isolation in WWTP 
12h00-13H00  Lunch    Lunch   Lunch
13h00-14h00  ICA SG meeting (facultative)   Poster session   
14h00-15h40 W1.2- Integration of O2 and N2O measurements for improved performances  W2.2- New softwares for WWTP simulation and control T1.2- Integrating data processing and Decision Support Systems for the optimization of WWTPs T2.2- Improved full scale practices for energy savings  F1.2- Control of sewer systems and anaerobic digestors  F2.2- Expanding existing models for better modelling practices and prediction of N2O production 
15h40-16h10  Coffee break & poster session   Coffee break & poster session  Coffee break & poster session
16h10-17h50 W1.3- Spectral methods for pollution characterization and bioprocess control W2.3- Environmental performance assessment and N2O dynamics T1.3- Decision Support System for improving water quality and risk management T2.3- Young Water Professionnals session Conclusion Talk (16h10-17h00)

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