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The International Water Association is a global reference point for water professionals.

The strength and the potential of IWA lie in the professional and geographic diversity of its members. IWA members, with their knowledge and their eagerness to colaborate and demontrate the real value of IWA.

The International Water Association is represented in 130 different countries through its 10,000 individual and 500 corporate members including engineers from across the water sector. These include scientists across many disciplines, economists, accountants, social scientists, and managers and leaders among those professions.

By joining IWA you can:

  • Collaborate to find new approaches to conventional problems
  • Become a leader in your field by collaborating with world renowned experts
  • Share your knowledge and benefit from showcasing excellence at multiple levels through events, specialist groups and publications
  • … and enjoy the following benefits:
      • Water 21 -membership magazine (6 issues per year)
      • IWA Yearbook* and access to Online Members Directory (coming soon)
      • Specialist Group Membership
      • Discount on IWA Publishing Books (25%)
      • Discount on IWA conference, workshop and seminar registration fees IWA Member Newsletter
      • Discount (25%) on Pay-per-view journal articles
      • Subscription to TWO IWA Publishing journals at the individual discounted rate
      • Student members receive 50% discount on ONE online journal


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