Management & Conservation of Grapevine Genetic Resources

The main objective of GrapeGen06 project is to contribute to the successful long term preservation of the Vitis genetic resources for the use of future generations. By ensuring an optimized conservation and characterization of these resources, this project is intended to promote their use and ensure the competitiveness of the table and wine grape production sectors.

The following goals are pursued :

  1. Monitor still existing wild and cultivated Vitis germplasm resources in Europe, including Eastern countries,
  2. Describe this germplasm, using common morphological, agronomic and molecular descriptors and linking them to a unique European web-database (
  3. Implement true-to-type identification of varieties, solving naming errors, homonyms and synonyms that may affect the quality of European collections.
  4. Promote an overall optimized scheme for the safe conservation of the Vitis germplasm including Vitis sylvestris presently threatened of local extinction, and involving several conservation means (ex-situ collections, cryopreservation, on-farm conservation) so that the resources are conserved, accessible and field-tested in a pertinent agricultural context.


European Commission


First GrapeGen06
"Kick--off Workshop"


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