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Executive Summary and Final Project Report

The Final Technical Report for the four years of the project GrapeGen06, has been approved by the EU (June 2012) and is available here.

An Executive Summary is also avaiable here.

A provisory list of publications (in progress) is visible here.


The EU Vitis database

The EU-Vitis database is fully operational (public and private access) :

At the end of the 3rd project year the European Vitis Database registers the Multi Crop Passport Data of 31 grapevine collections located in 21 countries. In total 31.069 grapevine accessions are maintained in the field and referenced in the database, of which 2086 are maintained in Black Sea and Caucasian countries.

In addition, at the end of 2009, the database contained :
Characterisation data from 1.612 accessions
Photos: 2.515 pictures from shoot tips, leaves and clusters
SSR-marker data from 2173 accessions for identification purposes
Virus data from 200 accessions

Uploading of data is still in progress.


An European Catalogue of Nationally Registered Varieties

The research note "Grapevine European Catalogue: Towards a Comprehensive List" and its annexes has been published in the Vitis journal.





European Commission


First GrapeGen06
"Kick--off Workshop"


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