Management & Conservation of Grapevine Genetic Resources
  To remain productive and competitive, modern viticulture in Europe has to tackle three main concerns : innovation, quality and environmental protection. We believe that to address the recent market evolution and trends, grape growers and wine producers need to have access to diversified grape genetic resources, in order to be able to innovate and create new varieties, new tastes, new products and brands. To face the world market competition, European growers need also to be able to certify their products in terms of naming, of quality and of genetic and geographic origins. Furthermore, the demand on organic products is raising in Europe, as well as concerns regarding environmental and health protection ; thus, the researchers share the objective of using the genetic resources as a reservoir to create more resistant varieties, allowing to decrease the use of pesticides and the burden for the environment.

This project aims to address these concerns, making available wide and well characterised genetic resources, some of which are today either forgotten, endangered, underexploited, poorly classified or even unknown. We believe that, in turn, this will facilitate the research of more resistant varieties, the research on grape and wine quality, and the work on true-to-type identification, allowing growers to be sure of the value of their products and facilitating cultivar registration. This approach will also facilitate consumer information about the origin of the final products. Our project will be accomplished in collaboration with wine growers and professional organisations, ensuring to take in account their demands in terms of characterisation and use.

Finally, the work will consist of creating a permanent network of collection keepers and researchers, with a critical mass and world influence in the scientific domain of grape genetic resources.



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