The scientific program is constructed to enable an interdisciplinary and comparative exploration of the idea of a sustainable agro-urban system:

schema des taches

Task 1: General Coordination and administration of the project

animation seminaire de lancement

The general coordination of the project is maintained in collegial fashion by Christophe Soulard (NRA, UMR Innovation), Coline Perrin (INRA, UMR Innovation), and Elodie Valette (CIRAD, UMR Tetis).

Deliverables :

  • Report of the launching workshop
  • Semesterly reports of progress and annual statement of expenses
  • Reports of intermediate workshops
  • Internet and extranet site
  • General summary of the program
  • Proceedings of the final conference

Task 2: Construction of frameworks of analysis of agri-urban sustainability

To guarantee the scientific validity of a project that is at the same time interdisciplinary and international, Task 2 aims to develop an analytical framework of the sustainability of urban agricultures, to clarify the criteria of choice of the terrains, and to construct the local partnerships which are essentials to the research.

Coordination : Elodie Valette (CIRAD, UMR TETIS) and Jean-Christophe Paoli (INRA, LRDE Corte).

Deliverables :

  • Framework on the idea of sustainability, comprising conceptual analysis, comparison framework, glossary
  • Translation of this general framework in the languages and terminologies of the partner countries (English, Arab, Berber, French, Italian, Portuguese)
  • First typology of agro-urban systems (and associated factors of sustainability) according to the analytical framework
  • Document supporting terrains selected

Task 3: Analysis of agri-urban dynamics

classification des espaces periurbains de Toscane centrale

Task 3 has the objective of characterizing the forms and dynamics of agro-urban systems. It aims to identify the factors of their sustainability, at the scale of the small urban regions selected. The study will compare urban dynamics and policies, landscape mosaics, land use regulations and policies, the dynamics of farms, etc. The synthesis of these works will enable us to inventory the variables/keys of sustainability of the agro-urban systems observed.

Coordination : Mayté Banzo (CNRS, UMR ADES) and Claude Napoleone (INRA, UR Ecodev).

Deliverables :

  • A diagnostic summary by terrain, providing a synthesis of urban and agricultural dynamics and analysis of their sustainability, following the grid established in Task 2
  • Restitution at the annual seminar.
  • Conference presentations and thematic publications (in urban, rural, agronomical fields of research)

Task 4: Analysis of integration projects

Task 4 analyzes modes of governance that the actors use to realize projects of urban agriculture with the objective of sustainable development. It examines the dynamics of governance in the projects, the practices and tools applied, the involvement of private and public actors, and the form of engagement of agricultural actors.
The synthesis of this work will help uncover the principles, the leverage and tools, which characterize the integration of urban agriculture in practice.

Coordination : Eduardo Chia (INRA, UMR Innovation) and Salma Loudiyi (AgroParisTech, UMR Métafort).

Deliverables :

  • A diagnostic summary by terrain, identifying modes of governing for projects that orient the urban agricultural systems towards sustainability.
  • A conference presentation and/or thematic publication per team.
  • A report of the results seminar

Task 5 : Prospective scenario construction

modeles graphiques

The objective of TASK 5 is to organize the knowledge assembled and integrate it with the actors, in order to create an interface conducive to action. The accepted means is the development of prospective territorial scenarios, which allow the illustration through case studies, of different viable paths towards sustainable agro-urban systems. The results will be available during the final seminar and will be the basis to prepare brochures for the general public.

Coordination: Sylvie Lardon (INRA & AgroParisTech, UMR Métafort).

Deliverables :

  • Slideshow presentation of the resulting forecasts, spatial models and scenarios from “experts.”
  • Summary workshop with the actors from different terrains
  • A prospectus intended for the general public (translated in the languages of the partner countries).
  • Scientific paper presenting the key results of the project .

Calendar: Chronological table showing anticipated points of reference and deliverables

tableau des jalons et livrables

Partner 1: UMR Innovation, Partner 2: UMR Métafort, Partner 3: UMR Tetis, Partner 4: UMR ADES, Partner 5: UR EcoDéveloppement.

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