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    Studies on eriophyoid mites (Acari: Eriophyoidea). XXII

    Boczek J. and Chandrapatya A.

    1998 - Volume: 39 Issue: 2 pages: 135-142

    Date published: 1998-06-30

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    Keywords: Eriophyid mites, Bambusa, Thailand

    Two new genera and five new species of eriophyoid mites, vagrants on Bambusa spp. in Thailand, are described and illustrated. Kolacarus bambusae Boczek, n. gen., n. sp. is vagrant on leaves of Bambusa vulgaris; Thiracarus bambusae Chandrapatya, n, gen., n. sp. is vagrant on Bambusa blumcana; Phytoptochetus bambusae Boczek, n, sp. is vagrant on Bambusa sp. Aculodes ventricosae Chandrapatya, n, sp. and Rhyncaphytoptus bambusae Boczek, n. sp. are vagrants on Bambusa ventricosa.

    Photos: Varroa destructor (Varroidae) on a honey bee. Low temperature -Scanning electron microscopy photograph. Material collected and fixed for LT-SEM: J. Pettis, USDA-ARS-Bee Lab. and R. Ochoa, USDA-ARS-SEL; LT-SEM photo: E. Erbe and C. Pooley, USDA-ARS-CEMU © USDA; Petrobia harti (Tetranychidae) © INRA - Alain Migeon; Dermanyssus gallinae (Dermanysssidae) © Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Lyon – Lise Roy; Adult Ixodes sp. (Ixodidae) engorging on an Atlantic puffin Fratercula arctica © Andy Darrington; Panonychus ulmi (Tetranychidae): hatching of a winter egg © Université de Lausanne – Centre de microscopie électronique – Cazelles

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