ANR COW project

(nov. 2012 / nov. 2015)

Animal companions: theorizing animals relationship to work




Animal Work. 1er International Symposium. 8-9 april 2015, Paris


"Déshumaniser, désanimaliser. De l'abattoir à la viande in vitro", University of Strasbourg, 5-6 December 2013. Program

This symposium is organized by the University of Strasbourg (EA 3071) and the National Institute for Agronomic Research (UMR Innovation). The purpose is to gather livestock breeders, slaughterers, psychologists, sociologists, philosophers, journalists and writers to debate on the social bond between livestock breeders and their animals, their reciprocal identification, and their shared suffering when the animal is slaughtered.

Starting by making an assessment of problems attached to industrial slaughtering, we will think about alternatives to industrial slaughterhouse and meat eating, and we will analyze the political questions raised from current relationships between humans and animals.

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