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Charlet, L.D. and McMurtry, J.A.,1977.
Systematics and bionomics of predaceous and phytophagous mites associated with pine foliage in California. I. Survey of mites present on native pines, including a description of a new species of Phytoseiidae
. Hilgardia, 45: 173-210.

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  • Nomenclatural data
  • Host data
  • Distribution data

  • Nomenclatural data:


    Host data (8 results):

  • Oligonychus milleri (McGregor, 1950) [Pinaceae: Pinus aristataPinus attenuataPinus balfourianaPinus coulteriPinus halepensisPinus pineaPinus quadrifoliaPinus radiata].
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    Distribution data (2 results):

  • Oligonychus cunliffei Pritchard & Baker, 1955 [Neotropical: Trinidad and Tobago]; Oligonychus subnudus (McGregor, 1950) [Neotropical: Trinidad and Tobago].
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