Wang, H.F.,1985.
Notes on the Bryobia from China with four new species and a new record
. Acta Entomologica Sinica, 28: 330-340.

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  • Nomenclatural data
  • Host data
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  • Nomenclatural data:

  • Bryobia exserta Wang, 1985; Bryobia latisetae Wang, 1985; Bryobia monticola Wang, 1985; Bryobia xizangensis Wang, 1985.
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    Host data (5 results):

  • Bryobia exserta Wang, 1985 [Compositae: Artemisia sp.]; Bryobia latisetae Wang, 1985 [Rubiaceae: Leptodermis tomentella]; Bryobia monticola Wang, 1985 [Poaceae: Poaceae sp.]; Bryobia pritchardi Rimando, 1962 [Euphorbiaceae: Acalypha hainanensis]; Bryobia xizangensis Wang, 1985 [ Unknown].
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    Distribution data (21 results):

  • Bryobia borealis Oudemans, 1930 [Palearctic: China (Palearctic)]; Bryobia chongqingensis Ma & Yuan, 1981 [Oriental: China (Oriental)]; Bryobia eharai Pritchard & Keifer, 1958 [Oriental: China (Oriental); Palearctic: China (Palearctic)]; Bryobia exserta Wang, 1985 [Oriental: China (Oriental)]; Bryobia latisetae Wang, 1985 [Oriental: China (Oriental)]; Bryobia longisetis Reck, 1947 [Palearctic: China (Palearctic)]; Bryobia monticola Wang, 1985 [Palearctic: China (Palearctic)]; Bryobia populi Wang & Zang, 1984 [Palearctic: China (Palearctic)]; Bryobia praetiosa Koch, 1836 [Oriental: China (Oriental); Palearctic: China (Palearctic)]; Bryobia pritchardi Rimando, 1962 [Oriental: China (Oriental); Hainan (China); Taiwan]; Bryobia qinghaiensis Ma & Yuan, 1981 [Palearctic: China (Palearctic)]; Bryobia rubrioculus (Scheuten, 1857) [Oriental: China (Oriental); Palearctic: China (Palearctic)]; Bryobia xiningensis Ma & Yuan, 1981 [Palearctic: China (Palearctic)]; Bryobia xizangensis Wang, 1985 [Palearctic: China (Palearctic)]; Bryobia yunnanensis Ma & Yuan, 1981 [Oriental: China (Oriental)];
  • Oligonychus qilianensis Ma & Yuan, 1982 [Palearctic: China (Palearctic)].
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