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Many people reports outbreaks of spider mites and we would like to document these outbreaks. If you see such outbreaks please let us know by sending photos (if available), date, crops (or non-crop), location and of course the mite species encountered to Alain Migeon (Email: These data will be useful to underline the importance of spider mites in plant protection.

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Welcome to the Spider Mites Web. This site is designated to give all information about the spider mites (Acari: Tetranychidae). One of the specificity of these mites is to spin web for their protection. This family of mites comprises 1,288 phytophagous species ranging from 200 to 900 µm. They form an important group with regard to agriculture. More than a hundred of them can be considered as pest and about ten as major pest. The most well known and wide spread is the ubiquist two-spotted spider mite, Tetranychus urticae Koch.

The aim of these pages is to provide comprehensive information on all the spider mites in the world: the taxonomic data relating the history of nomenclature; the geographical distribution (with maps) and the host plants. All this knowledge provides a synthetic view of the biodiversity of these mites. 1,568 references from 1758 to present are included (see background for details).

Use the menu, left side to browse the database. Three types of queries are available. For each species you can display the record with all the nomenclature, host-plants, distribution and distribution map. If you click on By Species you can perform search on species name, valid or invalid. If you click on Advanced you can perform a cross search including taxonomical, geographical and host-plants information. Finally a click on Bibliography will allow you to search references combining one, two or three authors.

The database was originally developed by Alain Migeon (Email: from a work initiated by Jean Gutierrez. It was then worked again by Elodie Nouguier (Email: who brought all her competences and put all her energy to clean it and developed the web user interface. Franck Dorkeld (Email: was responsible of the technical management. The database is an outcome of the mite genetics' group led by Maria Navajas (Email: at the CBGP and it is continuously updated by Alain Migeon and Philippe Auger (Email:

Try Spider Mites Web and use it. To grow it needs the collaboration of everyone of you by sending your questions, comments, criticisms and papers to Alain Migeon (Email: This database is designed for all the scientific community and will benefit of the work of everyone.

Finally a thank to H. Bolland, J. Gutierrez and C.H.W. Flechtmann for their synthetic work (1998) World Catalogue of the Spider Mite Family (Acari: Tetranychidae). Brill, Leiden, 392 pp, still essential. A special thank from the heart to Jean Gutierrez and Carlos H.W. Flechtmann who helped, guided and cheered us in this work.

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Database last update: 18 March 2015:
1288 valid species recorded
1568 references
13705 host records on 3687 different plants
6855 geographic distribution records

Spider Mites Web has a total of 119 (18 March 2015 - Google Scholar) citations.

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