Simulation of genotypic data under general isolation by distance models
This is now the official page to download IBDSim
Download the current version of the full distribution for the commandline version
(including documentation, sources, Windows executable)

See the documentation for all further information.

Commandline version:
Notethat we provide an executable file (i.e. already compiled) only for Windows.
For Linux and MacOs users, you have to compile the sources as described in the user manual, which is straightforward.

Commandline full distribution (including documentation, sources, Windows executable): download IBDSimV2.0.zip
Sources for the commandline version (ISO C++, ready to be compiled with g++) : download IBDSimV2.0_Sources.zip
PDF documentation (Windows, Linux and MacOS) : download IBDSimV2.0_UserGuide.pdf

Old commandeline version (v1.4) full distribution: download IBDSimv1.4.zip

Version with GUI and integrated "what's this" help:
Windows 7, 8 and 10 (32 and 64bits) : download ibdsimGUI-2.0-win.zip

MacOS (>10.8, 64bits) : download ibdsimGUI-2.0-mac.dmg

Linux 32bits : download ibdsimGUI-2.0-linux32.zip
Linux 64bits : download ibdsimGUI-2.0-linux64.zip
The GUI installer distributed above may not work under some Linux distribution (e.g. Ubuntu),
then you have to use the source code below and compile it on your computer following the readme intructions.
Linux 32 & 64bits source code for the GUI : download ibdsimGUI-2.0-source.zip

IBDSim is freeware (i.e. you don't need to pay). It is free software covered by the CeCILL licence (GPL compatible), i.e. it can be used, copied, studied, modified, and redistributed in other free software (i.e. also covered by a GPL-compatible licence, with freely available source code, even if commercial software) provided the IBDSim source is acknowledged.

IBDSim © (2008-present) Raphael Leblois, François Rousset, Champak Reddy Beeravolu ; and copyright © (2013 - present) Inra.

IBDSim GUI © (2015-present) Raphael Leblois, Alexandre Dehne-Garcia, Sebastien Ravel ; and copyright © (2015 - present) Inra.