Ecological approach of pest-control

Agronomic goal


  •  PPN and PPF are everywhere encountered as species and/or population mixtures = communities.
  • PPN and PPF control strategies appear to be developed in each Mediterranean producing country according to their own constraints, depending above all on the parasite diversity encountered in each of them.

=> Questions

  • how to manage communities instead of controlling emblematic species in order to get less or non pathogenic communities => diversity conservation approach (Mateille et al., 2010).
  • why such specific diversities of soil-borne pests? what distribution? depending on what assemblage mechanisms?

Scientific approach


- to consider 3 ecological periods :

  (i) Olea post-glacial refuges (Morocco and Turkey).
  (ii) domestication since the ancient history.
  (iii) modern breeding and cropping.

- to consider soil transport during the 2 last periods for propagation by rooted cuttings : native and invasive pest communities.

=> Questions

  • past co-adaptation processes between olive-trees and parasites?
  • consequences on local diversities?
  • consequences on the development of new management strategies?


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