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    Volume 38 Issue 3

       Full open access

          The predatory mite family Leptolaelapidae Karg (Acarina, Parasitiformes)
    Karg, W.
    pages: 207-218

          A world review of the genus Phytoscutus Muma (Phytoseiidae: Acari)
    Yoshida-Shaul, E. and Chant, D.A.
    pages: 219-238

          Description of Alectorobius (Reticulinasus) camicasi sp. nov. (Acari: Ixodoidea: Argasidae), a parasite of fruit bats Rousettus aegyptiacus occidentalis in Senegal
    Sylla, M.; Cornet, J.-P. and Marchand, B.
    pages: 239-254

          Effects of short exposure periods to low temperatures on the biology of Tetranychus urticae
    Abukhashim, N.K. and Luff, M.L.
    pages: 255-263

          Arhodeoporus (Acari: Halacaridae) from Rottnest Island, description of three new species
    Bartsch, I.
    pages: 265-274

          Fine structure of the humeral organ of juvenile Edwardzetes edwardsii (Ceratozetidae, Oribatida) compared with porose areas of the adults
    Alberti, G.; Klimek, A. and Seniczak, S.
    pages: 275-287

          Contribution to our knowledge of the genus Scapheremaeus inhabiting epiphytic plants. I. Scapheremaeus tillandsiae sp. n.
    Fernandez, N.A. and Cleva, R.
    pages: 289-296

          The genus Arthrodamaeus Grandjean (Acariformes, Oribatida, Gymnodamaeidae)
    Subias, L.S.; Arillo, A. and Subias, J.
    pages: 297-307

          A new Klapperiches (Acari: Oribatida: Carabodidae) from southern Florida, USA
    Reeves, R.M.
    pages: 309-314

          Adults and immatures of Yoshiobodes irmayi (Acari: Oribatida: Carabodidae) from North America
    Reeves, R.M.
    pages: 315-323

    Photos: Varroa destructor (Varroidae) on a honey bee. Low temperature -Scanning electron microscopy photograph. Material collected and fixed for LT-SEM: J. Pettis, USDA-ARS-Bee Lab. and R. Ochoa, USDA-ARS-SEL; LT-SEM photo: E. Erbe and C. Pooley, USDA-ARS-CEMU © USDA; Petrobia harti (Tetranychidae) © INRA - Alain Migeon; Dermanyssus gallinae (Dermanysssidae) © Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Lyon – Lise Roy; Adult Ixodes sp. (Ixodidae) engorging on an Atlantic puffin Fratercula arctica © Andy Darrington; Panonychus ulmi (Tetranychidae): hatching of a winter egg © Université de Lausanne – Centre de microscopie électronique – Cazelles

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