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  A new mite species of the genus Neottialges (Acariformes: Hypoderatidae) from the black stork Ciconia nigra (Ciconiiformes: Ciconiidae) in Portugal

Mironov, Sergey V. and Ramilo, David W.R.
2019 - Volume: 59, issue: 2
pages: 279-287

  African chiggers (Acariformes: Trombiculidae) in the collection of Alex Fain, with a description of a new genus and three new species

Stekolnikov, Alexandr A.
2018 - Volume: 58, issue: 2
pages: 265-286

  Larvae and nymphs of Amblyomma tigrinum Koch,1844 and Amblyomma triste Koch, 1844 (Acari: Ixodidae) naturally parasitizing Sigmodontinae rodents

Nava, S.; Lareschi, M.; Abba, A.M.; Beldomenico, P.M.; Venzal, J.M.; Mangold, A.J. and Guglielmone, A.A.
2006 - Volume: 46, issue: 3-4
pages: 135-141

  Three new species and new records of chigger mites (Acari: Trombiculidae) from East Hindukush, Pakistan

Daniel, M. and Stekolnikov, A.A.
2005 - Volume: 45, issue: 4
pages: 273-285

  Argasidae (Acari: Ixodida) parasites of wild and domestic animals in Senegal: 1 - Review and distribution

Sylla, M.; Pourrut, X.; Faye, N.; Ba, K.; Cornet, J.-P. and Camicas, J.-L.
2004 - Volume: 44, issue: 3-4
pages: 137-149

  A new subgenus and species of the chigger mite genus Neotrombicula (Acari: Trombiculidae)

Stekolnikov, A.A.
1999 - Volume: 40, issue: 4
pages: 407-412

  Contribution to the study of tick vectors (Acarina: Ixodina) of Crimea-Congo hemorrhagic fever (CCHF) in Senegal.1 - Analysis of parasitism in small rodents

Cornet, J.P.; Zeller, H.; Ba, K.; Camicas, J.L.; Gonzalez, J.P. and Wilson, M.L.
1995 - Volume: 36, issue: 4
pages: 287-292

  The occurrence of Ixodes eldaricus (Dzhaparidze, 1950) (Acarina, Ixodidae) in Israel

Yeruham, I.; Hadani, A.; Galker, F. and Rosen, S.
1995 - Volume: 36, issue: 3
pages: 191-193

  Relationships between ticks and small mammals in the Alsatian focus of tickborne encephalitis

Perez-Eid, C.
1990 - Volume: 31, issue: 2
pages: 131-141

  A new hypopus, Psylloglyphus (Tetrapsyllopus) chiliensis sp. n. (Acari, Astigmata) phoretic upon fleas from Chile

Fain, A. and Beaucournu, J.C.
1989 - Volume: 30, issue: 2
pages: 139-142

  Sertitympanum, a new genus of Ameroseiidae (Acarina, Mesostigmata) taken from rodents in the United States: including descriptions of three new species in the genus

Elsen, P. and Whitaker, J.O., Jr.
1985 - Volume: 26, issue: 2
pages: 117-122

  Revision of the genus Asiochirus Fain, 1970 (Acari: Listerophoridae)

Fain, A.
1979 - Volume: 20, issue: 3
pages: 388-403

  Observations on the genera Sciurochirus, Aeromychirus and Tamiopsochirus (Acari: Listrophoridae)

Fain, A.
1979 - Volume: 20, issue: 2
pages: 270-285

  Ixodes sigelos, n. sp. (Acarina: Ixodidae), a parasite of rodents in Chile, with a method for preparing ticks for examination by scanning electron microscopy

Keirans, J.E.; Clifford, C.M. and Corwin, D.
1976 - Volume: 18, issue: 2
pages: 217-225

  Ecology and ethology of Ixodes ricinus L. in Switzerland. Second note: comparison of populations in 1972 and 1973

Mermod, C.; Aeschlimann, A. and Graf, J.F.
1974 - Volume: 16, issue: 4
pages: 612-620

  Observations on the Myobiidae parasitic on rodents. Parallel host-parasite evolution (Acarina: Trombidiformes)

Fain, A.
1974 - Volume: 16, issue: 3
pages: 441-475

  Description of the immature stages of Ixodes (I.) sinaloa Khols and Clifford (Acarina: Ixodidae), from rodents in Mexico and Nicaragua

Keirans, J.E. and Jones, E.K.
1971 - Volume: 13, issue: 3
pages: 471-475

  Blankaartia acuscutellans (Acarina: Trombiculidae) and its enlargment to Africa

Taufflieb, R.
1969 - Volume: 11, issue: 2
pages: 284-289

  New hypopes living in phoretic association on rodents and marsupials (Acarina: Glycyphagidae)

Fain, A.
1967 - Volume: 9, issue: 2
pages: 415-434

  Four new Schoutedenichia from the Central African Republic

Taufflieb, R.
1966 - Volume: 8, issue: 2
pages: 287-295

  Leptotrombidium from Morocco

Vercammen-Grandjean, P.H. and Taufflieb, R.
1959 - Volume: 1, issue: 2
pages: 246-252

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