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  A new Tuckerella (Prostigmata: Tetranychoidea; Tuckerellidae) from Australia with description of all stages and a discussion of the tritonymphal stage

Beard, J.J. and Walter, D.E.
2005 - Volume: 45, issue: 1
pages: 49-60

  Contribution to the prelarva status: The moulting cycle of the calyptostasic prelarva of the trombiculid mite Leptotrombidium orientale (Acariformes: Trombiculidae)

Shatrov, A.B.
1999 - Volume: 40, issue: 3
pages: 265-274

  Description of Alectorobius (Reticulinasus) camicasi sp. nov. (Acari: Ixodoidea: Argasidae), a parasite of fruit bats Rousettus aegyptiacus occidentalis in Senegal

Sylla, M.; Cornet, J.-P. and Marchand, B.
1997 - Volume: 38, issue: 3
pages: 239-254

  A new species of predatory mite (Acarina, Cheyletidae) associated with Bostrichid beetles on dried cassava

Haines, C.P.
1988 - Volume: 29, issue: 4
pages: 361-375

  A new species of Madaglyphus Fain (Acarina: Acaridae) from a rice mill in Java, Indonesia

Haines, C.P. and Lynch, S.M.T.
1987 - Volume: 28, issue: 3
pages: 255-263

  Observations on the larva and protonymph of Tarsocheylid mites (Acari, Heterostigmata)

Lindquist, E.E.
1987 - Volume: 28, issue: 2
pages: 137-150

  Contribution to the study of morphology and post-prelarval sevelopment of Saxidromus delamarei Coineau,Y., 1974 .First part. Chaetotaxy of the body and the buccal region

Coineau, Y. and Naudo, M.H.
1986 - Volume: 27, issue: 4
pages: 303-309

  On the phoretic phase of Arrenurus larvae (Acari, Hydrachnellae) associated with Zygopteran nymphs

Abro, A.
1986 - Volume: 27, issue: 3
pages: 251-254

  Postembryonic development of Carabodes willmanni Bernini 1975, (Acari, Oribatei)

Bellido, A.
1979 - Volume: 20, issue: 3
pages: 419-432

  Contributions to the knowledge of the morphology and biology of the larvae of four European Eylais species (Acari, Hydrachnellae)

Nielsen, G.J. and Davids, C.
1975 - Volume: 17, issue: 3
pages: 519-528

  Biological and behavioral aspects of the lizard mite Pterygosoma mutabilis Jack, 1961 (Acarina: Pterygosomidae)

Mostafa, A.R.
1974 - Volume: 16, issue: 1
pages: 100-105

  Neotrombidium leonardi (Acarina: Trombidioidea). Part 2. Biology of N. beeri and other species of the genus

Singer, G.
1971 - Volume: 13, issue: 1
pages: 143-151

  Ixodes arboricola Schultze and Schlottke, 1929. A study of the larval stage

Guegan, J. and Vermeil, C.
1971 - Volume: 13, issue: 1
pages: 36-46

  The external morphology of the post embryonic developmental stages of Spinturnix myoti (Acari: Mesostigmata)

Evans, G.O.
1968 - Volume: 10, issue: 4
pages: 589-608

  Studies on the Thrombidiidae larva. I. The larva of Thrombidium mediterraneum Berlese, 1910

Robaux, P.
1967 - Volume: 9, issue: 2
pages: 395-410

  Studies on the developmental chaetotaxy of Dyscinetonyssus hystricosus n. g., n. sp. (Acari: Mesostigmata: Laelaptoidea)

Moss, W.W. and Funk, R.C.
1965 - Volume: 7, issue: 2
pages: 235-267

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