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  Blankaartia acuscutellaris (Walch, 1922) (Actinotrichida: Trombiculidae) collected from the great snipe Gallinago media (Latham, 1787) (Charadriformes: Scolopacidae) in Poland – new host and country record for chigger mite genus and species

Mąkol, Joanna and Korniluk, Michał
2017 - Volume: 57, issue: 3
pages: 555-562

  Two new nasal mites of the genus Ptilonyssus (Mesostigmata: Rhinonyssidae) from Texas

Spicer, G.S.
1976 - Volume: 18, issue: 4
pages: 594-601

  Notes on Harpyrhynchidae. Description of four new species (Acarina: Prostigmata).

Fain, A.
1976 - Volume: 18, issue: 1
pages: 124-132

  Sarcoptiform feather mites (Freyanidae) parasitic on the magpie goose Anseranas semipalmata Latham

Gaud, J. and Atyeo, W.T.
1974 - Volume: 16, issue: 3
pages: 506-521

  Fainalges trichocheylus n. g., n. sp., odd representative of the family Analgidae

Gaud, J. and Berla, H.F.
1964 - Volume: 6, issue: 4
pages: 690-693

  Tur madagascariensis n. sp. (Acarina, Mesostigmata) parasite of green parakeet Agapornis cana (Gmelin)

Gretillat, S.; Brygoo, E.R. and Capron, A.
1960 - Volume: 2, issue: 2
pages: 175-178

  Bhinonyssidae (Acari) from Madagascar. Agapornyssinae, n. s.-fam.; Agapornyssus, n. g.; Agapornyssus faini n. sp.; Ptilonyssus madagascariejisis n. sp. et Neonyssus marcandrei n. sp.; parasites of nasal cavities and lungs of Malgalasy birds

Gretillat, S.; Capron, A. and Brygoo, E.R.
1959 - Volume: 1, issue: 4
pages: 375-384

  New or unknown mites (Harpyrhynchidae, Listrophoridae), parasites of birds and mammals

Lawrence, R.F.
1959 - Volume: 1, issue: 1
pages: 106-118

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