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  Before the summer turns to winter: the third labidostommatid genus from Baltic amber has subtropical kin

Bertrand, M.; Sidorchuk, E. and Hoffeins, C.
2015 - Volume: 55, issue: 3
pages: 321-336

  New fossil labidostomatids (Acari: Labidostomatidae) from Eocene amber and presence of an apustulate species in Europe

Sidorchuk, E. and Bertrand, M.
2013 - Volume: 53, issue: 1
pages: 25-39

  New Labidostomidae from Austral Africa: the genus Sellnickiella Feider et Vasiliu, 1969

Bertrand, M. and Theron, P.D.
1992 - Volume: 33, issue: 1
pages: 45-52

  New species of Labidostomidae from Austral America

Bertrand, M.
1990 - Volume: 31, issue: 2
pages: 177-185

  New contribution to the study of Nicoletiellids of South America. The Hungarian soil zoological expedition in Chile and the collection of Prof. R. Schuster from Brazil

Feider, Z.; Vasiliu, N. and Calugar, M.
1974 - Volume: 16, issue: 3
pages: 413-427

  Six species of Nicoletiellidae from South America

Feider, Z. and Vasiliu, N.
1970 - Volume: 12, issue: 2
pages: 282-309

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