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  Gonads and gametogenesis in Chaetodactylus osmiae (Acariformes: Astigmata: Chaetodactylidae) a parasite of solitary bees

Rożej-Pabijan, Elżbieta and Witaliński, Wojciech
2018 - Volume: 58, issue: 4
pages: 801-824

  Two new species of Holoparasitus Oudemans, 1936 from Europe (Parasitiformes: Parasitidae)

Witalinski, Wojciech
2017 - Volume: 57, issue: 2
pages: 211-221

  Sperm structure in Parasitidae mites (Parasitiformes: Mesostigmata: Gamasina)

Witalinski, W. and Podkowa, D.
2016 - Volume: 56, issue: 1
pages: 3-32

  Spermatogenesis and postinseminational alterations of sperm structure in a Sarcoptid mite, Notoedres cati (Hering) (Acari, Acaridida, Sarcoptidae)

Witalinski, W.
1988 - Volume: 29, issue: 4
pages: 411-421

  Topographical relations between oocytes and other ovarian cells in three mite species (Acari)

Witalinski, W.
1987 - Volume: 28, issue: 4
pages: 297-306

  Spermatogenesis and sperm structure before and after insemination in two acarid mites, Acarus siro L. and Tyrophagus putrescentiae (Schrank) (Acari, Astigmata)

Witalinski, W.; Jonczy, J. and Godula, J.
1986 - Volume: 27, issue: 1
pages: 41-51

  Structure of the spermatophore in the mite, Trombidium holosericeum (Acari, Trombidiformes)

Witalinski, W.
1985 - Volume: 26, issue: 3
pages: 289-294

  Spermiogenesis and structure of spermatozoa in the mite Erythraeus phalangoides (Acari, Erythraeidae)

Witalinski, W.
1985 - Volume: 26, issue: 1
pages: 43-53

  Fine structure of the respiratory system in mites from the family Parasitidae (Acari, Mesostigmata)

Witalinski, W.
1980 - Volume: 21, issue: 3-4
pages: 330-339

  Fine structure of vas deferens wall in the mite Pergamasus viator Halas. (Mesostigmata, Parasitidae)

Witalinski, W.
1975 - Volume: 17, issue: 2
pages: 197-207

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