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  Charletonia elbasani, a new species from Albania (Acari: Erythraeidae), with notes on C. kalithensis Haitlinger, 2006

Šundić, Miloje ; Haitlinger, Ryszard and Milošević, Dragana
2017 - Volume: 57, issue: 3
pages: 563-569

  Erythraeus (Zaracarus) tuzicus n. sp. from Montenegro and redescription of Erythraeus (Zaracarus) eleonorae Haitlinger, 1987 (Acari: Prostigmata, Erythraeidae)

Haitlinger, R. and Sundic, M.
2015 - Volume: 55, issue: 2
pages: 189-200

  A new species of Erythraeus (Erythraeus) (Acari: Prostigmata: Erythraeidae) from central Kansas

Sundic, M.; Haitlinger, R.; Michaud, J.P. and Colares, F.
2015 - Volume: 55, issue: 1
pages: 41-48

  A new species of Hauptmannia (Acari: Erythraeidae) from Montenegro

Saboori, A.; Sundic, M.; Pesic, V. and Hakimitabar, M.
2011 - Volume: 51, issue: 1
pages: 61-68

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