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          A new species, Krivolutskiella pennata sp n., from the Eastern Mediterranean and new data for K. pubescens Gordeeva, 1980 (Cosmochthoniidae, Acarina, Oribatida)
    Gordeeva E., Penttinen R., Subias L. and Petrova A.
    2007 - Volume: 47, issue: 3-4
    pages: 165-171

          Redescription of Cosmochthonius foliatus Subias, 1982 and supplements to the descriptions of C. reticulatus Grandjean, 1947 and C. lanatus (Michael, 1885) (acari: Oribatida: Cosmochthoniidae)
    Penttinen R. and Gordeeva E.
    2005 - Volume: 45, issue: 4
    pages: 349-362

          Cosmochthonius taurus n. sp. (Acari:Oribatida:Cosmochthoniidae) from Turkey
    Niemi R., Gordeeva E. and Ayyildiz N.
    2001 - Volume: 42, issue: 3
    pages: 283-285

          A new genus and species, Tauroplophora aureonatata, from the Crimea, Ukraine, and a new species, Cryptoplophora asiatica, from Turkmenistan (Acari, Oribatida, Protoplophoridae)
    Gordeeva E., Niemi R. and Petrova-Nikitina A.D.
    1998 - Volume: 39, issue: 2
    pages: 185-190

          A new species, Sphaerochthonius spectabilis sp. n., of Sphaerochthoniidae (Acarina, Oribatida) from a termite nest (Anacanthotermes ahngerianus Juc.) in the southwestern Turkmenistan desert
    Gordeeva E., Niemi R. and PetrovaNikitina A.D.
    1996 - Volume: 37, issue: 3
    pages: 247-253

    Photos: Varroa destructor (Varroidae) on a honey bee. Low temperature -Scanning electron microscopy photograph. Material collected and fixed for LT-SEM: J. Pettis, USDA-ARS-Bee Lab. and R. Ochoa, USDA-ARS-SEL; LT-SEM photo: E. Erbe and C. Pooley, USDA-ARS-CEMU © USDA; Petrobia harti (Tetranychidae) © INRA - Alain Migeon; Dermanyssus gallinae (Dermanysssidae) © Ecole Nationale Vétérinaire de Lyon – Lise Roy; Adult Ixodes sp. (Ixodidae) engorging on an Atlantic puffin Fratercula arctica © Andy Darrington; Panonychus ulmi (Tetranychidae): hatching of a winter egg © Université de Lausanne – Centre de microscopie électronique – Cazelles

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