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  Water mites (Acrai: Hydrachnidia) from Peninsular Malaysia: description of new species

Wiles, P.R. and Chamberlain, G.H.
2005 - Volume: 45, issue: 1
pages: 31-41

  Sarcoptiform feather mites parasitic on tinamous

Gaud, J.; Atyeo, W.T. and Berla, H.F.
1972 - Volume: 14, issue: 3
pages: 393-453

  Fainalges trichocheylus n. g., n. sp., odd representative of the family Analgidae

Gaud, J. and Berla, H.F.
1964 - Volume: 6, issue: 4
pages: 690-693

  Two new genus of Sarcoptiformes feather mites

Gaud, J. and Berla, H.F.
1963 - Volume: 5, issue: 4
pages: 644-648

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