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Arhodeoporus, Camactognathus, Plegadognathus, and Winlundia (Acari: Halacaridae), re-evaluation and geographical distribution

Bartsch, I.

2016 - Volume: 56 Issue: 4 pages: 553-571


Halacaroidea Arhodeoporus s.l. and s.str new diagnoses Maracarus n. gen. biogeography


Arhodeoporus, Camactognathus, Plegadognathus, and Winlundia are very similar in their general shape, they share numerous characters but differ in the position of the solenidion on tarsus II, and also in the number of gland pores and the chaetotaxy of the legs. Comparison with other halacarid genera proved, the position of the solenidion is stable within a species and genus, no variants are known, whereas in respect to the other characters, various states within a genus are documented. Because of differences in the position of the solenidia, the genus Arhodeoporus Newell has to be splitted. Species of Arhodeoporus s.str. have the solenidion on tarsus II dorsolateral in position; the genus includes the two species once described by Newell (1947), namely A. arenarius and A. submarinus. The other species have this solenidion on the dorsomedial flank of claw fossa. The species once referred to as the bonairensis group are moved to the re-established genus Plegadognathus, the other species are included in the new genus Maracarus. Camactognathus shares with Arhodeoporus s.str. the position of the solenidion on tarsus II but differs in other characters; the genus is solidly diagnosed. The differences between Winlundia and Plegadognathus are small, with an increase of knowledge of the species, Winlundia may turn out to be a synonym of Plegadognathus. The five genera have records from tropical and temperate coastlines but not from polar waters. Maracarus and Plegadognathus are spread all around the globe whereas Arhodeoporus s.str. and Winlundia are restricted to the north-eastern Atlantic and south-eastern Pacific, respectively.

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