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Some eriophyoid mites on coniferous plants from high mountains in Taiwan (Acari: Eriophyoidea)

Huang, K.W. and Boczek, J.

1996 - Volume: 37 Issue: 3 pages: 217-227


eriophyid mites coniferous plants Taiwan


This article describes and illustrates eight species of eriophyoid mites, including one new genus, one new subgenus and seven new species, from four species of coniferous plants in Taiwan: Phyllocoptes limsamus sp. nov. (infesting Abies kawakamii and Picea morrisonicola), Epitrimerus yunbimus sp. nov. (infesting Juniperus chinensis and Tsuga chinensis), Pentaporca taiwanesis gen. et sp. nov. (infesting Tsuga chinensis), Nalepella tisamae sp. nov., Setoptus (Orientis) inaequalis subgen. et sp. nov., Setoptus (Orientis) inusitatus sp. nov., Setoptus (Orientis) undatus sp. nov. (infesting Tsuga chinensis) and Trisetacus distinctus Smith, 1978 (infesting Juniperus chinensis).

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