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A review of the genus Neopodocium Oudemans,1902 (Acarina, Macrochelidae)

Krantz, G.W.

1965 - Volume: 7 Issue: 2 pages: 139-226


Acari Macrochelidae physiology distribution Central Africa parasitism Neopodocinum new species new variety new combination


The genus Neopodocinum is expanded so as to include Coprolaelaps Berlese, and the diagnosis of the family Macrochelidae is emended. Descriptions of the following new species are given: Neopodocinum benoiti, emodi, emodioides, javensis, magna, setosum, tshambi, vanderhammeni vanstraeleni, verschureni, and wenzeli n. spp. The variety benoiti ectopothrix also is described. The following new combinations and synonymies are proposed:Neopodoconum caputmedusae (Berlese), new combination for Coprolaelaps caputmedusae Berlese. Xeopodocinum coprophilum Vitzthum, synonym of Neopodocinum maius Berlese • Veopodocinum meridionalis (Sellnick), new combination for Coprolaelaps (?) meridionalis Sellnick. Neopodocinum spinirostris (Berlese), new combination for Megalolaelaps spinirostris Berlese. Keys to females and lmown males are presented.

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