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Biological investigations on a new species of Ceratozetes and of Pergalumna (Acarina: Cryptostigmata)

Rockett, C.L. and Woodring, J.P.

1966 - Volume: 8 Issue: 3 pages: 511-520


Acari Ceratozetes jeweli Pergalumna omniphagous nutrition development life history new species Louisiana Nearctic region


All essential stages of Ceratozetes jeweli n. sp. and Pergalumna omniphagous n. sp. are described and illustrated. Both species were collected in south Louisiana. The time from egg deposition to adult emergence was 42 days for P. omniphagous and 53 days for C. jeweli. Observations on molting, egg production and spermatophore deposition are presented. Mushroom and ground, eup lichen plus the resultant fungal growth provided an adequate diet for C. jeweli; the same diet (minus lichen) was suitable for P. omniohagous. P. omniphagous ate sprophytic and parasitic nematodes. A review of the carnivorous habits of oribatids is presented.

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1966 Rockett, C.L. and Woodring, J.P.
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