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Notes on macrochelids associated with manure and coprid beetles in Israel. II. Three new species of the Macrocheles pisentii complex, with notes on their biology

Costa, M.

1967 - Volume: 9 Issue: 2 pages: 304-329


Acari Asia Israel Macrocheles ecology mating habits new species


The following three new species of the genus Macrocheles Latr. are described and figured: M. parapisentii (ex Scarabaetts puncticollis Latr.), M. saceri (ex S. sacer L.) and M. cristati (ex. S. cristattts Fabr.). All the stages have been described and figured in the first species, male and female only in the remaining ones. The biological notes include observations on the behaviour, copulation, oviparity and larviparity and the progeny of wild females and a single pair of mites. The rarity of males is discussed. The three species could not be crossed and no mixed F1 offspring has been obtained.

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