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The external morphology of the post embryonic developmental stages of Spinturnix myoti (Acari: Mesostigmata)

Evans, G.O.

1968 - Volume: 10 Issue: 4 pages: 589-608


Development Life cycle Chaetotaxy Spinturnicidae Spinturnix myoti


An account is given of the external morphology of the post-embryonic developmental stages of Spinturnix myoti Kol. (family Spinturnicidae) with particular reference to the ontogenetic development of the idiosomal, gnathosomal and leg chaetotaxy. Development from the egg through a prelarval stage to the protonymphproceeds in -utero and the protonymph is born in a fully developed form. The deutonymphal stage shows distinct ’sexual’ dimorphism. There is no larval form comparable to that normally present in the life-cycle of the Gamasina although the larval stage may be represented by the so-called prelarva. The extent and significance of the adaptations to ectoparasitism within the Spinturnicidae are discussed.

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1968 Evans, G.O.
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