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Morphological variation in three populations of the Antarctic mite, Stereotydeus mollis W. and S. (Arthropoda: Acarina)

Pittard, D.A. ; Roberts, L.A. and Strandtmann, R.W.

1971 - Volume: 13 Issue: 1 pages: 88-97


Stereotydeus mollis morphology sexual dimorphism


Intraspecific variation of Stereotydeus mollis was evaluated for 18 characters from males and females of three apparently isolated populations. Sexual dimorphism was significant for length of the genital flap and length of four setae: extemal humeral, scapular, and anais I and II. Of these, the genital flap length provided the most effective criterion for separating the sexes. Analysis of variance indicated signifi.cant interpopulational variation. Results of T-tests and Chi-Square supported the view that the Cape Royds (Island) population was divergent from the two mainland populations studied.

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1971 Pittard, D.A.; Roberts, L.A. and Strandtmann, R.W.
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