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Acari Spinturnicidae from Australia and New Guinea

Domrow, R.

1971 - Volume: 13 Issue: 4 pages: 552-584


Spinturnicidae Australasian region New guinea


Adclitional material, inclucling many new host-records, is cletailecl for all ro species of Spinturnix .Meristaspis and Ancystropus known from Australia and New Guinea. Two new species (S. eptesici from Eptesicus pumilus and S. loricata from Minioptents schweibersii) are clescribecl from Australia. Rhinolophoid bats are confirmecl as the normal hosts for Eyndhovenia and Paraperiglisch1 tts, the former being recorclecl from Australia for the first time. Natural keys to genera and species are offerecl, based on extencled notes on comparative morphology. Two genera (Paraspinturnix and Oncoscelus) and ten specifie names (ahi, antipodiamts, dttsbabeki, hardyi, indicus, lavellanus, nakatae, philippinensis, queensland- ic zts, and ntdnicki) are newly synonymized.

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1971 Domrow, R.
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