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A contribution to the study of the genus Rhizoglyphus Claparede, 1869 (Acarina: Acaridae)

Manson, D.C.M.

1971 - Volume: 13 Issue: 4 pages: 621-650


Nine species of the genus Rhizoglyphus are described and figured, three of these (R. echinopus (Fum. and Rob.), R. robini Claparede and R. ranunculi sp.n.) occurring in New Zealand. R. echinopus and R. robini have previously been confirmed, and both have been intercepted on plant material entering New Zealand from overseas, as have six described as new. These are R. setosus from several plants and localities in the South Pacific, R. caladii on Caladium tubers from New Guinea, R. tacitri on Citrus roots from Tahiti, R. minutus on taro (Colocasia sp.) from Niue Is., R. howensis on palm seed from Lord Howe Is. and R. singularis on yams (Dioscorea sp.) from India. The identity of three species considered not to belong to Rhizoglyphus is discussed.

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1971 Manson, D.C.M.
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