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Gabuciniidae a new family of Sarcoptiform feather mites

Gaud, J. and Atyeo, W.T.

1974 - Volume: 16 Issue: 3 pages: 522-561


Acari Gabucininiidae new family new genus feather mites


The Gabuciniidae, a new family of feather mites is erected. Included are II new and 2 named genera. Aetacarus n. g., type species: Pterolichits phylloproctits Megnin and Trouessart 1884; other includedspecies: Coraciacarns eupodotis Gaud 1968, Gabucinia hyalothrix Gaud and Mouchet 1959, Pterolichus otidis Megnin and Trouessart 1884. Anepigynia n. g., type species: A. anaphylla n. sp., from Merops nubicus, Cameroon and Mellitophagus pusillits, Rhodesia. Aposolenidia n. g., type species: A. anomogonimus n. sp., from Accipiter avampensis, South Africa and Nlelihierax metabates, Cameroon. Artamacarus n. g., type species: A diacanthurns n. sp., from Artamus leucorhynchus, Philippines. Capitolichus n. g., type species C. tetroploitrits n. sp., from Eubucco bourcieri, Colombia; other included species: Pteroliclms biemarginatits Megnin and Trouessart 1884 and P. pyroderi Meguin and Trouessart 1884. Coraciacarits Dubinin 1956, type species: Pterolichus cucitli Megnin and Trouessart 1884; other included species: C. dithyridits Gaud 1966, C. meropis Dubinin 1956, C. musophagi Gaud 1966. Coraciibia n. g. type species: C. gymnonota n. sp., from Coracias cyanogaster, Sierra Leone. Gabucinia Oudemans 1905, type species: Pterolichits delibatus Robin 1877; other included species: Gabucinia gladiscapulata Gaud 1960 (new status). Galbitlacarits n. g., type species: G. tetracanthitrtts n. sp., from Galbula cyanescens, Peru. Hieracolichus n. g., type species: Pterolichus nisi Canestrini 1878; other included species: Gabucinia dobyi Gaud and Mouchet 1959, Gabucinia ramosa Gaud and Mouchet 1959, G. similis Gaud and Mouchet 1959· Paragabucinia n. g., type species: Gabucinia petitoti Gaud and Mouchet 1959· Ramogabucinia n. g., type species: R. doleosikya n. sp. from Gyps coprotheres, South Africa. Tocolichus n. g., type species: T. allepimerits n. sp., from Selenidera maculirostris, Brazil, Argentina; other included species: Pterolichus ramphastinits Megnin and Trouessart 1884. The type species of each genus (except Coraciacartts and Gabucinia) is (re)described. A key to the 13 genera of Gabuciniidae is presented.

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1974 Gaud, J. and Atyeo, W.T.
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