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Some Actinedida (= Prostigmates) of the soil of North America. V. Barbutiidae, a new family of acarines (Acari: Raphignathoidae), and the description of a new species belonging to the genus Barbutia

Robaux, P.

1975 - Volume: 17 Issue: 3 pages: 480-488


Acari. Barbutiidae Barbutia new family new species California


Observations sur quelques Actinedida (=prostigmates) du sol d Amerique du nord. 5. - Barbutiidae, une nouvelle famille d acariens (Acari-Raphignethoidea) et description d une nouvelle espece appartenant au genre Barbutia. New data on Barbutia anguineits and description of Barbutia perretae n. sp. second species of this genus. Definition about a new family (Barbutiidae) among Raphignathoidea.

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© 1975 Robaux, P.


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