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Parachipteria savagei, a new species of oribatid mite from North Carolina, U.S.A. (Acari, Cryptostigmata, Oribatelloidea, Archipteriidae)

Nevin, F.R.

1976 - Volume: 18 Issue: 1 pages: 174-179


Acari Parachipteria savagei North Carolina new species


Parachipteria savagei n. sp. is distinguished by size (L-A 457 mm - W-0. 317 mm); tips of lamellae almost truncate in dorsal view; lamellar and interlamellar setae smooth; heads of sensilli smooth, directed toward point of fusion of lamellar plates on longitudinal axis; setae ta and te not pronouncedly longer than other notogastral setae; irregular spots in hypodermis in dorso-lateral position; pedopectum r with ’irregular veins’, one seta Ad lacking on tarsus r; large spine or spur on genu r; no denticles on lateral tarsal claw.

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