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Morphological observations during ontogenetic development on Cilliba cassidea (Hermann, 1804) (Anactinotrichida, Uropodina)

Athias-Binche, F.

1976 - Volume: 18 Issue: 4 pages: 575-593


Acari Cilliba cassidea Morphogenesis scutum chaetotaxy


Observations morphologiques au cours du developpement postembryonnaire chez Cilliba cassidea (Hermann 1804). (Anactinotriches, Uropodides). - Morphological observations during the ontogenetic development on Cilliba Cassidea (HERMANN 1804) (Anactinotrichida, Uropodina). The morphology of Cilliba cassidea (HERMANN 1804) was studied, and some comparisons with Polyaspis patavinits BERLÈSE 1881, trachytoïd uropodid mite were presented. Special attention was given to the evolution of the shields during the ontogenetic development. As conclusion, some general morphological features of the Higher Uropodina were presented and several new distinctive criteria of the family Cillibidae Tragardh, 1944 were proposed.

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1976 Athias-Binche, F.
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