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Revision of species occurring in Germany of sub-genus Unionicola s.str. (Hydrachnellae, Acari)

Hevers, J.

1976 - Volume: 18 Issue: 4 pages: 691-703


Acari Unionicola Germany


Revision der in Deutschland vorkommenden Arten der Untergattung Unionicola s. str. (Hydrachnellae, Acari). - With newer statistical methods Unionicola minor (SoAR, 1900) and U. parv1:pora LUNDBLAD, 1920 have been established as valid species. The subgenus Uniocola s. str. now includes 4 species, existing in Germany: U. crassipes (MÜLLER, 1776), U. ininor (SOAR, 1900), U. graciltj;alpis (VIETS, 1908) and U. parvipora LUNDBLAD, 1920. Their definite determination is possible by the given tables. U. crassipes has to be opposed as U. crassipes crassipes to the following two subspecies, known by literature: U. crassipes dresscheri BESSELING, 1946 of the Netherlands and U. crassipes miyazaki lMAMURA, 1953 of J a pan. Likewise U. gracilipatpis has to be opposed as U. gracilipatpis gracilipalpis to U. gracilipatpis tenitis LUNDBLAD, 1935, known from Latin America.

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1976 Hevers, J.
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