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Homology of dorsal opisthosomal plates, setae, and cupules of heterostigmatic mites with those of other eleutherengone Prostigmata (Acari)

Lindquist, E.E.

1977 - Volume: 19 Issue: 1 pages: 97-104


Heterostigmata homology setae


Mites representing the Heterostigmata are shown to retain tergital, setal, and cupule elements of the six opisthosomal segments characteristic of larval acariform mites generally. The third opisthosomal dorsal plate is compounded from the tergites of two segments, and sould be denoted as such. Further tendencies toward fusion and reduction of opisthosomal tergites in the Heterostigmata are discussed. The notation developed by Grandjean for the dorsal opisthosomal structures of acariform mites is applied so as to reflect these conditions.

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