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Further studies on the Copidognathus fauna from the coast of Brittany

Bartsch, I.

1979 - Volume: 20 Issue: 2 pages: 217-234


Copidognathus new species Brittany France


At the coast of Brittany nеаг Roscoff 17 Сорidоgnаthus species were found, viz. Copidognathus brevirostris VIETS, С. fabricii (LOHMANN), С. consimilis п. sp., С. figeus BARTSCH, С. gibbus (TROUESSART) , с. graveolzts MONNIOT, С. humerosus (TROUESSART), С. lamellosus (LOHMANN), С. latisetus VIETS, С. loricifer ANDRE, С. oculatus (HODGE), С. pse2tdofigeus BARTSCH, С. remipes (TROUESSART), С. 1 120dostigma tYPiC2tS (GOSSE), С. rhodostigma rondus n. ssp., С. tectirostris п. sp., С. tricorneatus (LOHMANN), and С. venztstus BARTSCH. Copidognathus consimilis, С. tectirostris, С. rhodostigma typicus С. rhodostigma rondus, аге described. The descriptions of С. triconeata, С. lamellosus, С. humerosus, and С. loricifer аге extel1ded. Relationships to otl1er Copidognat1zz6s species аге mentiol1ed.

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