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Taxonomy of non-Tydeus genera of the mite family Tydeidae (Acari: Prostigmata) from moss, lichens and trees in southern Sweden

Momen, F. and Lundqvist, L.

1996 - Volume: 37 Issue: 4 pages: 281-297


taxonomy Tydeidae Sweden


Five tydeid species, belonging to five genera, are illustrated and described as new to science. Neoapolorryia kristinae n. sp. and Paratydaeolus clavatus n. sp. were both collected from mosses and lichens on the soil-surface. Pseudolorrya striatus n. sp. was found in mosses on the soil surface and on bark of tree trunks. Orthotydeus maculatus n. sp. was sampled from decaying wood in a tree-hole. Stenipedis quadrisetosus n. sp. was found on bark of trees. Another twelve species of eight genera other than Tydeus are here recorded for the first time in Sweden. Tydeus lambi Baker, 1970 is transferred to the genus Orthotydeus on grounds of leg chaetotaxy. Taxonomic comments are made on the genus Tydulosus Baker, 1965, which is considered to be a junior synonym of Tydeus. Notes on variability in the number of genital setae are given for Orthotydeus caudatus (Duges, 1834) and Eotydeus mirabilis Kuznetzov, 1973.

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1996 Momen, F. and Lundqvist, L.
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