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Fine structure of the integument and associated structures of Caloglyphus mycophagus

Kuo, J.S. and McCully, M.E.

1979 - Volume: 20 Issue: 4 pages: 572-589


Caloglyphus mycophagus morphology integument


The body cuticle of the adult Caloglyphus mycophagus is about 1.5 um thick and consists of ап inner lamellated procuticle and а thin but complex epicuticle. Fine and unbranched pore canals do not reach to the cuticular surface, and the wax canals are absent. Leg cuticles have more packed lamellae. The procuticle of chelicera is not lamellated but contains thick fibres. Most of the oesophagus cuticle is homogeneous in appearance and neither microfibril nor lamellated procuticle сап Ье seen. The body cuticle of the hypopus is about 4-5 um thick and consists of а lamellated procuticle and а complex epicuticle. The exocuticle and mesocuticle are prenset in the procuticle. Pore canals are large and сотplexly branched. Wax canals radiate outward from the apical end of each pore canal but they do not reach the cuticular surface.

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1979 Kuo, J.S. and McCully, M.E.
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